Reviews for Sacre Bleu
Imminent Paradox chapter 1 . 7/10/2009
Wow, I can really relate to this! I mean, writer's block sucks... epically. It makes me want to rip my head off, to be quite honest :)

I mean, right now I'm at the stage where I get ideas all of the time. I can just sit in the middle of a room and somehow get an idea for something! But then, when I try to write it down, it gets just... Blah. It doesn't work. It's terrible!

Anyway, I doubt it'll mean much to you, but hey, if you ever need help, I can try and help you! Not saying I'm very good at much, but I love assisting people :)
CuriousContradiction chapter 1 . 6/28/2009

... I'm sorry. Writer's block shouldn't be funny, but the way you wrote it was very conversational. I can relate to it a lot; everything you said.

I remember being able to just write and write without getting stuck back in elementary school, but now... it's a lot harder. And if I ever get a good idea, you either forget, freeze, or can't find the words for it. So yes, I completely understand how you feel. I think for me, it's because my friends thought/think they're brilliant writers and poets, and I read their work but I thought they sounded juvenile (no offense to them, really), and then I thought, well, if they think they're good and I think I'm okay... I must really suck. So I got self-conscious and decided to stop writing altogether for a few years, but I could never get back to just having the ability to write freely.

I'll try to check out those haikus/stories you mentioned. Thank you for sharing this, anyways. I'm glad (well, I'm sorry too) that I'm not alone in this writers block thing.
Brenda Agaro chapter 1 . 6/22/2009
I can totally relate to this. I hate it when writer's block happens to me, although when it does I would read something, watch something on tv, go outside, or do something. Often it would cause an idea or image to suddenly pop into my head.

I wish you the best in writing. Don't give up. :-)


"I'm should be ashamed of myself." I.
xMissNalax chapter 1 . 6/11/2009
Writers Block you can hate yet love it. I think the trap into writers block is when you get an idea. When you get an idea I am sure you are like me you know what your going to write and you think about it all from beginning to end but you take to much time thinking about the end and the action but not thinking much about how to get to the action or the end. So when you start the story you get stuck and stare at the blank page or computer screen.

Writers block can help you think about your story a little more so when you break Writers block it doesn’t take long for the words to flow out.

But Writers block an also make you down and make you stop writing.

So when you are thinking about the idea doesn’t think action think beginning.

Like lets say you want to write about a girl named May and she is going to her aunts for the summer but while she is there she bumps into a ghost and...

Don’t keep going after that if you do it will come out like.

...And May finds the hidden room that leads her to the [past but the ghost is and to chase away and wants her out and at the end of the story May finds out that the ghost is her mom/dad/grandfather/uncle...

That will mess you up you will want to get to the action and ending as fast as possible so instead think like this.

May is in bed and her crazy cousin comes and jumps up and down on her and wants her to get up and play. May and her little cousin play hid in seek and May looks out the window and thinks she sees something swimming in the water but thinks it is to early and her head is not thinking straight and…

And so on. Do you see how I did that with the starting to think different the normal day person wants the action so they can remember it but you cant start a story unless you are having the charter have a bad dream at the beginning like this…

The blood lusting monster behind me howled in excitement. I knew I couldn’t get away and if it wasn’t for my baby brother in my arms I would lay down and wait for doom. But I knew doom was coming because for every 5 steps I take the monster took 20. My arms was burning from where it had bit me. I was turning into one of them… I had to fight this thing off. My eyes burned and my gaze dropped to my brother I wanted so bad to devourer him but I couldn’t he was my brother. I put down my baby brother and turned to fight. No… I couldn’t it would give the monster time enough to get to my brother. The supernatural being now stood in front of me and its gaze on my baby brother the only full human. I reached down and picked up a sharp stone and cut down my arm. The monster looked at the blood coming endlessly out of my arm. The supernatural cold, pale, red eyed being lunged at me and opened it mouth. Then I knew what it was. It was a vampire….

You can not stare out like that it will mass you up…

I hope this helped and you see what I am trying to say…

.Fly A.K.A NalaUchiha
Pharoseer chapter 1 . 3/31/2008
Hi Joy,

After reading this I would say we were probably cast from the same mold. I don't know if you saw the date on my story you reviewed, but it's over a year old and I'm just now posting it after heavy editing.

I always make the joke that I need to put my imagination on a leash. Sometimes, it takes me wonderful places I never expected. Other times, it runs rampant and takes me places I didn't want to go. Unfortunately, I almost never write anything down.

I would guess that our biggest problem is that we're perfectionists. We don't want to create drab, everyday stories that someone might read and never remember. We want to create worlds that capture the reader and change them forever. We want to create a story so vivid that they can recall it years later and think, "Wow, that was something, wasn't it?" If we can't accomplish that, why create anything?

I find writing to be immensely personal. It tells a great deal about the author. All great artists pour themselves into their work. The truly amazing bare their souls before the world. It's that vulnerability that we connect with and it ultimately teaches us about ourselves. Writing shouldn't be any different. I don't think I'm that brave yet. Perhaps you and I are both just afraid of what people will see?

I hope this helps!

OyiethEhtAnrah chapter 1 . 3/2/2008
Writer's block. I've heard it's thebane of most people.

I've had writer's block. It's true, the biggest obstacle to any writer is to find the blank page (or screen in these times) with nothing to write about than an idea.

Well, though I've faced writer's block, I have fallen just once in a general block. I think I'm just overcreative. I can spend hours walking in circles and thinking and developing stories that can pop into my mind. And, if it's not enough with that, I just began to draw.

I faced a complete block around two years ago. I couldn't write. I couldn't draw. It's whenI developed my creative process. It's really simple, I have already mentioned it. I just began walking in circles in my room about...whatever. I know, it sounds weird, and I bet it might even sound crazy. Maybe it is, but it works for me.

Something that also works, for most people is speedwriting. I think it's a good idea, though I've never tried it. When I write the ideas just come out.

Hope it helps.