Reviews for A Final Fairy Tale
C. Wesley Yonts chapter 1 . 3/5/2008
what's up you fucker? lol j/k got a whole bunch of e-mails this morning saying you'd posted stuff and figured i'd send you my semi-annual check up,

anyway, first a review:

i want to know if this really happened or not, i kinda doubt it did, but it's really touching anyway, the way you describe the crash is a testament to minimalism in writing, it's really good, i kinda want to know who sera is, you? anyway, the piece does a very good job at being very warm (despite the cold, lol, sorry i had to), the talking about turning off and then immediatly following that up with a wreck is a nice bit of irony also. lastly i rly dig the description of the comforter, something others might take for granted you describe very well, it adds a nice layer to the whole thing,

anyway, shoot me a line sometime, i'd love to hear from you, my e-mail is the same as always, and i always check it regularly, so send me something for fuck's sake, lol, or if you are on facebook i'm on there to, friend me, (if you're not on facebook, don't join, it's the biggest fucking timesuck in the world XD),