Reviews for Semiresolution
Distilledfx chapter 2 . 3/18/2008
Review Game! :)

I loved reading this, you really hooked me right at the end of the first chapter with the tremors, my imagination started ticking over at what the earthquake would do to the story or even if it was an earthquake. I love twisted characters and so the prologue also gave me a lot of enjoyment.

The plot is different, with familiar elements, but I just see if heading into a completely different direction constantly. I can see where I think its going to go, but it's moving sideways on me and I don't know what to expect at all. So early in the story it'd be a shame if I could see where it was going, and the protest and tremors don't let me believe for a second that I know. My only advise here is that you keep up the twists, which by the tone of your writing is what I think will happen.

All of the characters have their personalities which are quickly established by their actions and short explanations. The prologue gave us a lot of depth into Liisi, and I got the impression that a similar background story follows all of the characters, even though the Liisi's story is hardly cliche. The only complaint here is that so many characters might be a bit hard to follow early in the story, as I have already forgotten most of the names. I'm assuming that some will become main characters and others not so much.

On the other hand the other characters, Rom, Levi and Nola are easily established and understood. You tell us more about them by the restaurant and dialog than you could by just explaining straight out.

The writing in this flows well, although at times I felt the explanations weren't placed well and disrupted the flow of the story, particularly in the part with Sassy and Rom. The writing style here becomes more stuck up (for lack of better explanation) but I think you are just reflecting the attitude of the group. When we are in the house as Cannon is getting up for work etc, it takes on a more down to earth tone, although the recounting of their charges does disrupt the flow a little.

I love this story, not what I was expecting at all. Keep it up, I'm sure the rest will be just as great.
the big crunch chapter 2 . 3/18/2008
it's great. period.
the big crunch chapter 1 . 3/10/2008
this, though only a prologue so far, amazes me.

the way it's written and put together is just... wow.

i can't wait to see more.