Reviews for Swords that Haunt Me
Animewolf089 chapter 1 . 4/27/2013
Nnng... A thought provoker. Sy, you're torturing me again. I think this'll be a long review. Let's buckle up, shall we?

There are a lot of things walls can do to you. They can trap you, or protect you. They can support you when you're weary, or bring you down. They can provide leverage, or an obstacle. Really, if you think about it, walls can do many things.. And I know I've encountered many types of walls in my life. But that wall? I don't think it did anything to you, haha.

Well.. I guess, technically, depending on where you lived and what season it was, there would be a lot of cloudy days. But, metaphorically speaking, it really depends on your viewpoint. Isn't there some sort of saying that all clouds have a silver lining, or that while the stars may be hidden behind clouds, you still know they're there? It's like that. I'm sure the sun will come out eventually, and the sky will clear up.

There are many different kinds of love. I've been in that situation before - loved someone, sworn it was true, and then fallen for someone else. I've loved someone so much, had them tell me they loved me too, and then change, or leave. Yeah. I've chased after love for a long time, too, and there were points where I asked myself, is this worth it? Once you've been hurt by your dreams enough, eventually.. you stop believing in them, and it'll take a special kind of person to rekindle the fire that's been stoked for so long. And yes, it's stoked. You might think it's been put out, sometimes, but let me tell you friend.. It's not. It will never be put out. There are times where the flame is weak, and there are times when there are no flames at all - just coals. But the coals still contain heat, yes? And there is always someone who can relight that lost fire. It just might take some time to find them, is all.

Ah, this dilemma. And what a dilemma it is. To be with the person you love, and to realize that your fairy tale wasn't written the way you dreamed it would be written. Yes, you may end up fighting yourself in the end, instead of her attackers. Those questions are normal to ask. Did she ever really love you…? Did she really understand? Could you, are you, how often, what has, does that mean... So many questions, and, oftentimes, not enough answers. Not nearly enough answers. But you know what?

"You always go on about how people in love will only get hurt and you may be right, they may get their heart broken…but they'll try again. That's the wonderful thing about love…about caring, it has a way of finding you when you need it most."

Sound familiar?

And as for the crueler death... "It's worse to have not known than to have not loved." Again, sound familiar?

Now, here's my own philosophy. Even if you've been burned by love, keep on chasing after the elusive bugger, because in the end.. Love really is just belief, isn't it? Isn't it hope? So keep on hoping. Keep on believing. Keep on.. loving.

But what do I know? I'm just a tired old screecher.
..No wait, that's from the Guardians of Ga'Hoole, never mind.
chibichoco chapter 1 . 3/15/2008
wow... amazing... I'm speechless. You have a great way with words and understandings. I love your writing. Wonderful.
MichelleMagly chapter 1 . 3/15/2008
I know how you feel, and what you mean by this, I think. Here's my philosophy on it: Love is love, no matter when or where you feel it, and when you do feel the real thing, you know it, beyond a shadow of a doubt. And when you're with someone who truly loves you back, you'll know it. It's indescribable, but you can even move on from that feeling when it's necessary. Trust me, I've done it. I think it's better to have lived and loved many than none at all or only a few. True, I think there are only a handful of people out there that you can really, really love, but we've got decades and decades to find those people. And there are hundreds of different kinds of love. I don't think we ever feel the same way for two people. Anyways, a wise friend of mine said, "All of our early relationships are meant to be heartbreakers." I'd take that to heart. But I'm rambling, hope this helped...