Reviews for Selena Moonstone: Vampire Hunter
Abrasive chapter 1 . 7/14/2010
The premise of this story is very good, however, your writing leaves something to be desired: it's bald, lacking in detail, particularly with regards to setting. Aside from that, it's interesting, the ending especially. Not bad overall.
riley chapter 10 . 8/10/2008
WOW! the ending just blew me away! and i have to say, that last paragraph was just shocking. i really enjoyed this story, i love how you wrote it, i was very impressed. really really amazing job.
Nacklemottin chapter 10 . 7/28/2008
Awesome job, Nermut. I would write you a wonderful review loved it. There. That part of the review owns.

Venomyz chapter 9 . 7/6/2008
Ohh! I hadn't had my computer for a few weeks because I had to get it fixed or I would have read and reviewed sooner. Sorry about that.. But anyway.. Wow, well I definitely understand now, I was a little confused before but it all makes sense.. I really liked this chappie, mainly because it made me really understand and what not. Oohh. I hope her and Drew will end up together for real this time... I think. Yeah.. I feel bad for Blaze but he's not the nicest so it deprives him of my sympathy. p I'm a bit tired so I apologize if my review doesn't seem so enthusiastic. X Really great chapter though, hope you update soon! _
riley chapter 9 . 6/30/2008
this chapter, as all the others i just read, were totally amazing. i cannot believe this whole spin on things. she was selena? how awesome is that! wow. i'm sad that this is the last chapter that's up for this, so please update as soon as you can. i want to know what happened to lena's family asap!
riley chapter 8 . 6/30/2008
reincarnation? hm. that's pretty interesting and original. i have to say i'm really anxious to get reading the next chapter due to the fact that i'm kind of left hanging that Z is gone! sorry for the short review, but i want to read the next chapter!
riley chapter 7 . 6/30/2008
i have to admit i was a little confused at first but then i started reading more into and i just found myself so interested that it didnt matter! i really like how you're doing this and i cant wait to find out how this is exactly related to the rest of the story. though i liked the other setting, i love this setting in the modern times just as much! great job.
riley chapter 6 . 6/30/2008
hi! sorry i've taken so long to get around to reading this, things have been busy for me. but i have time now! i loved this chapter! it was so amazing. i would have never thought that nicholas was the vampire. i liked this whole chapter, really great job!
MegTheStrange chapter 9 . 6/17/2008
You're doing good with the "Second part"

Though I'm still sad at how this story is turning. I thought that someone actually had the guts to write a story set in the 1800s. oh well.
xbrunnettex0 chapter 9 . 6/17/2008
ahh and its all cleared up now. ahaha ohh is getting interesting. update soon
Mayu-San-Sakura chapter 9 . 6/17/2008
Does she sound a tad insane? To me she does, but what's life without a little insane-ness? Update soon.
meee chapter 9 . 6/17/2008
Wonderful job. I loved it almost as much as I love Atonement. :)

Venomyz chapter 8 . 6/10/2008
Oh! I LOVED the chappie! Thank you for the updatee! I'm understanding a bit better now. p I was a bit confused last chapter. X This is good, but NOO! Not a cliffyy.): I hate cliffys! Grr!): lol Well, I can only hope you'll update again real soon. You're a very talented writer and I'm very intrigued by this story. Please, please update again soon! :O!
ME chapter 8 . 6/10/2008
Splendiforous* job my dear. I love it as per usual. I loved it so much I want to read more! YAY FOR THAT!


*yes, I did invent a new word.
Venomyz chapter 7 . 5/31/2008
Ooh! I like thiss! This is intriguing. The story has taken quite a turn, but it's good so far. I like it.(: Anywho, please update soon, I really wanna know what happens! _
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