Reviews for Eating Stars
lenavis chapter 1 . 11/18/2009
Let me incredibly nerdy for just one second: if you were really to eat a star, it's incredible density would drop through your mouth. As in, it would burn a bath down your esophagus, straight down your stomach, down your viscera, through any extremities below your abdomen, and come out of your feet. Which would probably hurt. Don't eat stars.

sorry. I had to.

that quote 'all that glitters needs a place to die' - allusion to Tolkien? Hooray, hooray. 'Lord of the Rings' used to be my bible from age 11 - 14.

When I read this the first time, I thought it sounded really nice. Then, I realized that you were referring to the stars as living entities that you were about to chew up and devour. And that - that kind of scared me.

by the way, that creepiness is definitely a plus. Congratulations. :)
Roseaqua chapter 1 . 6/29/2009

I love you.

come here.

I absolutely loved it
Written chapter 1 . 7/23/2008
what an amazing write for having writer's block! i'd say you thoroughly conquered it. the imagery is stunning and I can almost taste something beating under my tongue.
fatbird33 chapter 1 . 7/14/2008
great descriptions
Bavand chapter 1 . 5/28/2008
Oh man, if that's the result of being blocked-you should be blocked a lot-and I really mean that in a good way.

Ditto to all the above,

BlackestOpal chapter 1 . 5/25/2008

I loved the parts in brackets. They were a nice addition.

"all that glitters needs a place to die," was very good.
Laura Elizabeth chapter 1 . 5/8/2008
I can tell you really let go when you wrote this one. It's terrific. I wish that I could let my mind go like that. Your phrasing is awesome. I always have a hard time with writer's block, and not very many things seem to work. Even writing stream of conscious style is difficult. You seemed to conquer your writer's block very well ]

Great job!

Jesse the Storyteller chapter 1 . 4/20/2008
WOW this is beautiful. (Of course it is, you're talking about stars - how can it not be?) I don't understand the part in parenthesis... is it a quote from someone else? It shouldn't be all seperated like that if it's not because it takes away from the fluidity of the poem.

Your words are wonderful. I want to soak them in. "The sight of sugar sizzling on my skin" (alliteration!) I love the last 4 lines especially. Ah this is brilliance. Lurve!

I never do this, but this poem reminded me of this weird doodly-thing I wrote under "Scenes for Practice" called Stars... yeah. Don't read it out of spite against my shameless plug here... but when I read the line "and bid them fall to my extended fingers" I thought of my own writing (because I am just THAT conceited) and thus this message.


Beware the review marathon! (link in my profile)
Coleer chapter 1 . 4/15/2008
wow...this was so...different
Perfectly Paradox chapter 1 . 4/10/2008
I like the complexity of this. It leaves the reader to really ponder it. I love line 3. I also like the alliteration, "sugar sizzling on my skin." Also, "slaver" is an excellent word, very onomotopoeic. You have great diction.
SEMMU chapter 1 . 3/31/2008
Very beautiful imagery. I particularly like the lines:

"I might crane an ear and listen as their insides hum

like angry spirits caught by their own webs"

"Hunger-bitten, I gape at stars

and bid them fall to my extended fingers."

For me, I see a poem describing someone with contempt (which I share) for the Hollywood types. I see a person who will enjoy their falling from infallibility and laugh as they are destroyed by their own creations.

I'm jealous. You're an amazing writer, and so young. I know talent and hard work are two ingredients and you make me feel sorry for myself that I skipped every English class that I could.

Write on.
012323232 chapter 1 . 3/31/2008
the imagery is so unique
lymli chapter 1 . 3/28/2008
I like this part: I will not forget my thanks, though my mouth will slaver

at the sight of sugar sizzling on my skin.

(And will they weep to fall so from the sky?)

it's sweet, sounds as sweet as a candy
Bazooka Joy chapter 1 . 3/26/2008
Are you sure you have writer's block? lol. Amazing imagery indeed.
Aomera chapter 1 . 3/25/2008
i am in love with this poem. i have this fetish for the stars and the moon and this has to be one of the best, probably the best, poem ive read about stars. its just perfect :) i love the poem on your homepage thing btw :D
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