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Poetryfreak173 chapter 11 . 5/24/2009
Huh. I'm seeing my incredible psychic abilities in that last review. The thing about the people who love FictionPress, and love to lurk here is that we know that the best people leave. We know. Brilliant authors, people with a lovely way with words... They go. We know. If you publish, tell me you real name and I'll go out and buy a million copies. I'm one of you biggest fans for all that I don't review like I should and I'l follow you wherever you go.

(in a non stalkerway) pf173
(and if you deside to REALLY take forever or never, could you tell me what was going to happen? Please?)
Slideshow chapter 11 . 5/24/2009
I sincerely respect your wishes and have some inkling about how you feel. Although my stories are not much compared to your writing I would be shitting bricks if something happened to my own works the same way as was done to Myrika.

If you ever get published, let us know.

This was pretty much the only story I look forward to on Fictionpress and believe me when I say it will be missed.
Scribbling Death chapter 11 . 5/24/2009
The moment I saw that "Letters to You" was taken down, I began dreading the inevitable note that stated Illusoire was going to be gone. And now I've seen it...T_T.

You are the third author on my alerts to do this, not that I blame you in any way. Illusoire is a wonderful story, and I really think it could be published one day once it's more developed and your writing improves even more. In fact, I'm hoping that it does one day reach the shelves because I'm dying to know what happens next. Illusoire is definitely one of my all time favorite stories ever on fictionpress. I want to know more about Teagan and Kai and everyone else. Particularly them, though. :D

I was sad when I saw your note, but it's probably the best with all this plagiarism going on. It would be worse if Illusoire was actually sold or plagiarized even further. I totally understand and don't blame you in any way. Apparently, a lot of authors have gotten blamed. For one, it's not right for me to blame you when your the one who provided a wonderful story in the first place. I see some reviewers saying taking down stories are just excuses for authors-well, they can go...yeah. You gave us a story, you gave the story your all, and never asked anything back for it. I don't know you, but for some reason I'm sure that you are going to continue writing and improving and writing until you can get published. For two...I just realized how really pompous it sounds for us to think we have a "right" to blame authors. I mean, it's not as if you've done anything to us readers except make us cry and laugh and fall in love. Which we should be thanking you for. Which brings me to my next comment. Thank you! Thank you for writing and posting on this site. Your alerts in my inbox always made me smile in anticipation.

Please, please, please do leave a note if you one day get published in any way! I want to read your future books!

-Scribbling Death

P.S. Sorry for the long review. Hehe. I might've gone a bit overboard. Whoops.
I'm-so-UndeRated chapter 11 . 5/24/2009
I think is the most upsetting news I ever heard on fictionpress. this is one of the stories I've been really into and i didnt read the original version.

I think fictionpress took a major blow when you and myrika decided not to write on it anymore, people love both of yours stories, you guys entertain us and make it fun to come on here. Damn this really sucks im just in bewilderment.

I dont usually review stories but this one really made me come intersted and I wished like hell you would continue but its your right as an author not to be able to do what you want with your stories and not be palagerized.
xLilyx chapter 11 . 5/24/2009
Hey, I can't believe people would plagarise something, it ruins it for the rest of us! Anyway good luck, i really enjoyed what you puty up for us all :)
Verisimility chapter 11 . 5/24/2009
This sucks on a purely selfish scale - I loved this story a LOT, and I wish I'd gotten to finish it. Honestly now I don't think that I'll ever see the end of it. :/

BUT, on an un-selfish scale, I can see why you did it (sort of) and hope that you get out of it what you want. : )
Randomisation chapter 11 . 5/24/2009
Really sorry that you had to take the story down, as i enjoyed reading it. If you get published sometime (which i think is likely for this story, the writing is great and the plot is amazing) i would really like to read this end. Good luck.
alisaetc chapter 11 . 5/24/2009
well, i'm sorely disappointed.

not at all with what your decision was, but of this whole plagerism going around. i mean seriously.. people need to grow up!

i was extremely estatic to see a story alert on Illusoire in my inbox but now i'm just... blah.. not again. I also followed Myrika's stories and i'm just like "really?"

again, i'm not at all disappointed in your decision b/c its completly understandable.

but from what mz peacheszz said, it would also be extremely grateful if you would at least try to finish it off somehow?

anywho... i'll just sign up on twitter and watch for updates!

good luck!
MZ PEACHESZZ chapter 11 . 5/24/2009
I'm going to have to agree with love2. I respect your decisions and I understand why but I'm just so upset! I LOVED this story and was so invested in it and to have it just pulled away while we're all in the midst of reading it- once again, I feel like we're puppets to the author's whims and decisions. This is not to say that I don't understand- I do, but it's just really frustrating for readers. But ultimately, when you do take it to publishers for hope of publishing either this story or others, I feel that you won't encounter that situation where they go 'oh sorry, we've already got this story from someone else." If such a case does occur, then that can be taken to the courts but the fear of plagiarism never really reaches the level of publication fears- more just like stupid kids posting it on other sites. My one disagreement with how you've handled this is that you've just cut off the story in the middle- to your readers, who have stood by you for the last ten years, isn't there any way you could send a bit of appreciation by attempting to give us some sort of resolution instead of a brusque send-off? Isn't there any way you could attempt to write a few more chapters to appease and show appreciation for the readers who have been here for the last 5 to 10 years, reading and reviewing your stories? I understand authors don't sign a contract with FP- it's just a place to showcase their work but in the real publishing world, you have to finish the story or you're done. I'm not saying this as a flame or an angry response but as someone who really loves your stories and just finds it dissapointing that you can't try to give back to your readers, just a little bit. Story after story, I think there's only been one story of yours that I've reade to completion and I was just hoping this story would take the cake- it was already so amazing! And then you give us a short note without any sense of gratification or completion. I'm just dissapointed, as I'm sure many of your readers are, which I hope you can understand.
2much chapter 11 . 5/24/2009
I was upset about Myrika, but her fics have never touched me the way this one has intrigued me. I really wish there was some way I could continue reading it as you continue to write. I respect your decision, but I cannot agree with it. I'm sorry. Good Luck with everything in your future.
aurora borealis chapter 11 . 5/24/2009
This is Kjersti, by the way, if that name jogs your memory anymore than the pen name. ;)

Man... I wish you wouldn't take down your stories, but I understand as well. Is there some way you'll be continuing Illusoire? What's the thing with Twitter? (Will I have to open an account at Twitter just to read your stories? I would too, you know. :D)

Anyway. I hate plagiarizers. I also am rather shocked at Qwerty who could say something like that - I mean, seriously. "Your writing isn't that good so come back here and update" (or basically that)? What a way to inspire someone to write more...

Well. I love your work. I've been on this site almost as long as you have, although my writing dwindled away as a result of stress and just... I don't know, the muses all left before I got to get the stories properly outlined. You, on the other hand, have made some of the sweetest, coolest or just most fun stories I've read here. Depending on which one I'm talking about. :D

Keep your chin up, keep writing, and if you don't post anything on the internet again, make a mailing list so I can buy Illusoire somewhere. Because I definitely want to read the finished story. :)
Sabreal chapter 11 . 5/24/2009
I feel sad that you wont continue this story and this could possibly be my last review to your story EVER...

I recommend u writing fanfiction instead for a creative outlet. That is, if you haven't already tried is. There is no guarantees it'll NEVER be plagarised but it will be harder for plagirisers to publish fanfictions out into the real world then original writing. Fact.

Anyway, dont feel disheartened. For now just feel flattered that ppl out there think ur writings so AWESUM to copy. Although copying itself is a nasty nasty habit. I should know, all the kids in my geo class do it (from da net, not me, lol)

You've entertained me lots! Take care. Byi.
Evenstar1389 chapter 11 . 5/24/2009
OMG no more illusionaire for goodness knows how long! *sob* x10
crystaldawnnn chapter 11 . 5/24/2009
actually just yesterday i was checking in your account to make sure I didn't accidentally miss an update. But i support your decision and hope that whenever you DO get it published I somehow find out so I can go buy it. Good luck:]
art consumer chapter 11 . 5/24/2009
I'm so disappointed, especially at scuh a cliff hanger. I have to say that FP has lost one of its best authors. If you ever publish any of your stuff can you email me at please? Thank you!
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