Reviews for 4:41:49
Divine Macabre chapter 1 . 4/16/2008
Your summary drew me in and I had to read. I'm glad I did. There's an eeriness to this poem that I really enjoyed. I also wouldn't have thought such a number, 4:41:49, could be integrated so well. My assumption was that it would be jarring to come across, but alas it was not.
Taylor Bradley chapter 1 . 4/4/2008
Nice, but I guess I'm not like the last reader. Time freezing, life ceasing and yet not ending... not new to me. But it was a nice way to put it. There wasn't a lot of rhyme which actually made it flow better. And 4:41:49 definitely is a flowy number. I like numbers. I have a habit of saying things like "about 82 point 996527743 percent of the time" or some other random number about anything. The formatting, i.e. capatilizations, where lines end, etc, could probably use some adjusting or clarifying. But... It's executed very well. I think I rambled, and I apologize. It's almost 10 pm and I have been up since 4am. Sleep is peeking its weary head in my direction. Once again, good job.
me. moi. ich chapter 1 . 4/4/2008
awesome. i love the repetition of 4:41:49- the time has a sort of flow to it (its going to be stuck in my head now.. if i ever see that time on a clock now, i'll be wondering if time's actually still going, or if my clock has frozen/died).. anyway, i love it- it gets you thinking about everything thats going on simultaneously during the day.. most of us are too self-absorbed to notice everything (but then again, we probably dont pay much attention to 4:41:49.. until now :) )