Reviews for Vengeance of the Sea
Kristina Suko chapter 1 . 7/24/2008
Beautiful. I love the sea, and this pretty much describes the calm yet menacing mood that is the ocean. Well done.

My story, The Farmhouse, will be a non-romance story (reading your comment about anyone writing something that is not sexual, incestuous, homosexual, etc...) and I don't write in sex scenes (Blood For A Rose does insinuate what is going to happen once. But no more than that), no romantic relationships between male and malem female and female, or related people... or language. Blood For A Rose is bit risque once or twice. If you don't like reading romance, my short stories are not romantic. Anyway. That felt like a commercial, but you asked in your profile. I "emailed" you. ;)

And once again, absolutely beautiful work. The last verse of this poem is my favorite.

~Maranwe Telrunya