Reviews for The Beast In Ellison
Cabbage White chapter 1 . 6/5/2009
An interesting take on fear, I guess. You have a way with words that surprised me - a lot. Reading the summary, I thought, 'not another one', and yet I clicked on the title.

I find that I'm glad to have stumbled over a nice piece of fiction like this. It's not everyday I come here, and I mostly read tragedy. But today, lucky you, I was in need of some good horror.

And you brought that to me. Thank you.

The "incomplete sentences", lone words and nice scene breaks are tying the story up, holding the little plot in its place. You seem to relay on this though, and it makes me wonder if this is your natural writing style or if it is something that is unusual for you.

If you have other work - by you, of course - that you can recommend to me, I'd be really glad to read it. I'm not very interested in fantasy, though.

Pixiepie chapter 1 . 8/27/2008
So, a good reason not to write horror? His immersion in his work takes over his mind, and finally his physical reactions, in such a way that he loses all sense of reality? His world becomes so dark that he can not see that he is destroying all the light? Even in death, he warns others not to allow what he has written to overcome them? Sad.
Sugarloafin chapter 1 . 8/14/2008
I don't generally read much horror, but occasionally I get an itch to read something with a little macabre to it. And, well, this just scratched the itch :)

I like how the first few lines don't really make much sense until you read further. It's a simple thing, but a nice touch. I also really enjoy the idea of the hunter. I think creating something like that would haunt me too. You use a lot of very intense imagery and all in short bursts of sentences that convey the panic and terror exceedingly well. I just eat up rich and exciting text like that.

I do have to ask a few questions about the ending out of my usual habit of poking at horror stories(usually in an effort to make them less scary, I frighten easily). Why is the ink still wet? It wouldn't stay that way forever, by the time somebody noticed that the creepy old house off the beaten path no longer has residents and then dares to go in there, the ink would be long dry. It does make for a nice creepy image, so I'm not really complaining.

The next thing was, if he wants them burned, why doesn't he do it before he shoots himself? That way he can be sure it gets done. If I happened upon those pages I'd see the message, ignore it and read them. Isn't that the opposite of what he'd want to have happen? Again, it does make a better ending the way you wrote it, I just feel compelled to nitpick horror stories.

I apologize if my poking offends you at all, it was not my intent. I really enjoyed reading this and will have to explore your works further :)
HumanDog chapter 1 . 4/21/2008
Woah, ok here's my review. The beginning and whole style of the story is new and odd to me, but im not saying its bad, its just different. I like how its suspenseful and i love the ending. Its lovecraftian to me ; protagonist committing suicide and pleading to destroy certain documents that hold a hidden horror. Overall, I liked this story a lot. Will be looking forward to your other stories as well, so you'll see more reviews from me later. Take care.