Reviews for Broken Dreams
between the lyrics chapter 1 . 7/19/2008
There are a couple of lines I really liked from this; things that just jumped out at me.

For instance,

"The love of his life / is staring him in the face / and he can't say / anything at all."


"Contact is lost / promises fade. / Friendships are gone, / but more are made. / These lost friendships / are held in memory / until they are / forgotten."

They're all experiences that one has to go through, ones that I can certainly understand why the future would seem like a dark place where dreams can get shattered.

"He runs barefoot / across the parking lot / to greet his father. / This one thing / is still the same."

That was very reminiscent, even though it was said that this one event doesn't change. It's the most childish and innocent approach throughout the context of your poem, but one that really helps support your point.

All in all, I can really understand the poem and where you're coming from. I think mostly everyone has similiar thoughts when they first enter into their college life.

And yes, I do think I'm done now. .;;