Reviews for A sense of five senses
Kwote chapter 1 . 4/24/2008
Woot, that was awsom!

I loved the rhyming scheme that you had in the poem, the flow and rhyming of the words was very creative. Good job on it and I hope you get a good grade on it! And my favorite lines were:

"Whether it’s a polka-dotted cat,

Or a blue-shaded locust."

Vewwy sweet ;).

DisturbedKittenWriter chapter 1 . 4/23/2008
Very cute :) Some of your rhymes are very clever (focused and locust)! There were a couple (like two...maybe three) parts that just didn't flow quite right.

"They tasted and heard.

They listened to seashells,

And saw the flying of a bird."

"And saw a flying bird" would have worked better in my opinion.

Anyways, besides a couple little flow issues (which I can't really criticize because I can't write poetry worth a poo) this is an excellent poem. I am off to read my new book from the library. Toodles.