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maxwell's other demon chapter 1 . 8/8/2008
its interesting, but you have your tenses confused. one sentence its present tense, the next its past might wanna fix dat.

Onia Black chapter 12 . 6/4/2008
I cannot believe this!

My god

I'm like on the edge of my seat.

Sorry about not reviewing, i think there was a problem with fictionpress that day or something xD update soon
Scriva Bella Noche chapter 12 . 6/2/2008
So, I was on my email today, and I realized I had yet to read chapter 12! Of course, I was so utterly disgusted with myself that I immediately (well, as in context with the word "immediately" as possible with my computer P) remedied the situation:

Absolutely fabulous, darling, as always! Poor Sig though...that's going to be like a bad hangover after an amazing drunken night. I'm assuming, of course, that he won't be able to see her afterwards.

Update soon, loserface! :D ;D P Mwah!

~Your Ali
Scriva Bella Noche chapter 11 . 5/11/2008
You fail at life, Rose.

haha, just kidding! I did find one mistake though...they were supposed to go to dinner after the movie because of curfew, but you have it the other way around...still great though :D
Onia Black chapter 11 . 5/9/2008

that was so amazingly sweet

but i'm wondering what happens when they get home

because i know something big is gonna happen

prehaps a lead on the things upstairs?
Onia Black chapter 10 . 5/8/2008
yet another cliff hanger

i'm dying to see what happens on their date!

update soon
Scriva Bella Noche chapter 9 . 5/7/2008
Hola chica!

Great! As always ;) I do have one question, though. In chapter 8, it looked like my internet was messing up a bit, because there wasn't anything after the part where they mentioned it was 5 until 10 (not a "submit review button or ad or anything), so I just wanted to make sure that was the end of the chapter, though I have a feeling it wasn't, since they said something about Sig's departure in chapter 10? Man, longest freaking run-on sentence ever. Ah well ;). Oh, and I did notice the names of the puppies; very cute :D And was it just me, or did the "doll face" part spark recognition of someone? P Ttfn! (See, I didn't fall behind! haha)
Onia Black chapter 9 . 5/7/2008


I resent that!

Good chapter though.

It was cute.

Keep up the good work.

update soon.
Onia Black chapter 8 . 5/5/2008

This was a really cute chapter D

Update soon
Onia Black chapter 7 . 5/4/2008
AW they should have kissed!

What a teaser.

Anyway, Millen sounds like a control freak.

Keep up the good work, update soon
Onia Black chapter 6 . 5/4/2008
Alas, the plot begins to unfold xD

Sig's sweet.

And that was a creepy dream.

Update son.
Scriva Bella Noche chapter 6 . 5/3/2008
Wonderful, of course! Can't wait for more Sig-vampire-Crimson type interaction! P
Onia Black chapter 5 . 5/2/2008
wow aw that was a good chapter.


update soon D
Scriva Bella Noche chapter 4 . 4/29/2008
Well, he made a graceful exit. Not at all conspicuous. Nope. P

Onia Black chapter 4 . 4/29/2008
this is a realy good story

however, in this chapter you didn't mention the guy's name who she was talking to. Was that onpurpose or an accident?

Anyway, keep up the good work, update soon
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