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NomNoMonsta chapter 10 . 1/7/2010
hi im just one of you readers. :P

i loove your story so far and hope you are still writing cuz haven't got an update from you for some time now.

btw how did the wolf gang come together and what happened to their real parents?

can't wait for you to write again :P
Abella Diavolo chapter 9 . 9/6/2009
Oh my god that was awesum! I can't wait to read more!
quicktart chapter 9 . 9/5/2009
Okay, so, the boy’s computer is officially a pain in the neck. It keeps freezing every time I click on something. And it isn’t old! Justin is pretty sure that it’s my fault. And AT&T won’t let me change my password. I liked Bellsouth better.

So... Yeah, Grummper .org, here I come!

*clears throat* So, anyway...

I loved this chapter! It’s my favorite so far! I loved the end, too. Locke’s gonna get himself in trouble soon, I hope. He’s making me mad. He really is a jerk. I want him to blow up because he’s a moron. I hope Celia’s reaction is funny and dramatic when she finds out! Oh, and that dream of hers made me laugh pretty hard! I loved it.

I’m going to send what else I’m thinking in a private message because if I say it here people might cock a brow. Yes, I said cock. In gym, we use “shuttle-cocks.”

Oh, and you did great with the errors. You only had two.

• “My bed king-sized bed...”

• “That was me not her.”

Oh, and just to randomly tell you, you know the “I swept my eyes across my living room” paragraph? On my computer, {random objects. I grinned when I saw a ... wrapped tightly around me, giggling. ... wrapped around her ...} those sentences are on two lines, and I was able to misread it. The start of the line was “random objects” and the end was “I had.” I forgot to move my eyes down a line and ended up reading, “I had random objects.” Just thought you’d like to know!

Okay, well, I loved this chapter very much! Update soon!

If I have a typo in this review, sorry about that. You can make fun of me for it if you’d like!

bonnna chapter 1 . 9/2/2009
i like your story it's cool
quicktart chapter 8 . 8/28/2009
Brandi’s a blonde brenet! (I’m leaving that...)

I like it! You do have a few mistakes, but not many. It was fun to read, too! I guess I have to agree with Celia - it seemed like a hostage thing when Locke kissed her neck by the window like that. Seems like a foreshadow.

So, now you have to update. UPDATE!

(Stop peaking. Just because you are right there does not mean you can peak. Nut...)


[Šæé šH£.{Í‘Æ’‘ÜO{†]
celia chapter 8 . 8/22/2009
that. Was. AWESOME! :) but I don't like th e feeling I got from Locke. He's cool and all that but he reminded me of a bad guy there for a momento with a hostage. :) And I have an idea what the dogs are! yaya1

ok so yeah that was very awesome! write again! soon! Or I might have to kill you! :D not really but you know what i mean!
aControversialSecret chapter 7 . 7/27/2009
it soubds very twilightish

though im sure you'll change it somehow :)

its pretty cool
fovika chapter 7 . 7/10/2009
He's so cute. I was thinking he would turn out to be a real ass but he's so darn cute. (there is still time to make him one though, hint hint nudge nudge) Can't wait for an update!
really chapter 7 . 7/6/2009
i didnt see twilight refferences... but i did see thing that you could cmpare to 1. i dont think were far enough into the story to tell. i mean what if the locke tries to kill celia (thats my name :)) and she has to run away or something? really though the plot cant be this early... rite?

and i didnt think the characters were flat... i could relate to them. hmph.

(author email me at ( qcelia_rose yahoo .com ) without the spaces if you wanna reply... good story so far update please!)

WerewolfDream chapter 7 . 7/5/2009
Ha, this story is cute. I was directed here by a friend of yours, and I do say, thank them on my behalf. I can sense the little mentions of Twilight in it, but it's not overpowering. Also, I think you sort of threw too much action all at once...But then again, I'm not used to drama-type stories (coming from a hypocrite that writes drama...). The chapters seem a little out of place, as the scene shift normally used for swtching chapters is hardly there in each. I love the smooth flow of scene-to-scene within chapters.

I'll be waiting for the upcoming chapters! (Reminds me, I need to finish the redone copy of mine...*facepalm*)
hi chapter 7 . 7/4/2009
really really love this! keep going! locke is cool... poor dog:( sorry my dog looks like that... reaally good!
Zeroko chapter 1 . 7/4/2009
~Chap 1~

Work more with discribing screanery and not moving so fast paced with your words...

your missing some spaces after periods.. (Ex: I could feel that I was blushing badly as I rushed to class.I opened the door,and glanced at the clock to see how late I was.)

The class and I should be seperated or it also adds onto the rushed feeling.

Good job with capitilizing yours I's

oh and put a space after commas too (Ex:I know it’s bigger than most girls my age,but it doesn’t give him the right to stare!)

I know the periods and the commas might just be overlooked mistakes but just look out for them nexted time.

~Chap 2~

what the hell does Jaymay look like?

forgot commas again...

when someone is cutting off another person from speaking you only have to use one of -
VelvetyCheerio chapter 7 . 7/4/2009
Hello. A friend of yours asked me to read and review your story, but I'm not quite sure if I was the best person to ask to do that job, *unless* you take concrit really well.

I don't want to offend you, I only want to help. I know sometimes people tend to be harsh when giving concrit, and I am no exception, but you must always bear in mind that I only want to help you become the best writer you can be. Everyone has potential and you have potential to be something great too, but you need to stop hearing the praise and the "awesome"s and hear what something different. So here's my review, encompassing the entire story:

Your friend told me, in advance, that the first chapter of your story was a little wonky due to some technical difficulties, so no worries on that, but to be honest, the first chapter really wasn't all that great.

Celia was a little *too* eccentric for me. It was impersonal, really, the way her thoughts formed. I could not connect to her at all. The entire chapter plot seemed a little rushed as well. It was almost as if introducing the guy Celia is supposedly supposed to fall for had to ushered in right away.

Second chapter: The convos between the characters are very impersonal. They don't sound natural at all and the dialogue seems to take up most of this chapter. Also, there was on huge paragraph that seriously could have been split up and I had trouble reading it. However, the letter made for good suspense, but I feel that the way Celia found it wasn't very suspenseful at all.

Chapter three and four: Yeah, work on the dialogue definitely and the nicks need to be cut down. I just don't feel that your characters have any personality at all. Like, I get the impression that Celia is the token awkward girl who gets harassed by someone with a dark and mysterious past/nature. Even the side characters are flat. Dig deep into the emotion of each characters, breath a little life into them, and then let them write the story.

Chapter five and six: Despite finding out the name of our "someone with a dark and mysterious past/nature", I'm sensing lack of a plot. Sure, Locke is a vampire(werewolf?), sure he has scary eyes, but seriously, he knew Celia ever since she was little? I'm starting to get a plotless, cliche vibe from this story. I'm sorry to say that, really, I am, cause I think every writer has the potential to be fresh and original, so it really dampers my heart when I read these types of works.

Chapter seven: I don't know what to say other than that the convo between Celia and Locke just didn't sem natural at all. I also want you to re-evaluate your plot. Do something to your characters that could get them seriously injured or something of that nature and then ask yourself, according to their personality, what would they do. Just keep working on this story. You can't know what you're doing right until you know what you're doing wrong.

I hope you don't take this the wrong way, again, I only wish to help you become a better writer, not discourage you. Have a nice day. :)

Charlee Rayne chapter 5 . 7/4/2009
Locke! I love that name! Awesome name! Wonder what J is!
Charlee Rayne chapter 4 . 7/4/2009
I like that Austin guy, but he shouldn't have left her if he has a crush on her. He should have asked her to dance! Stupid guys... :)
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