Reviews for One Last Time
simpleplan13 chapter 1 . 6/12/2008
"you can take me arms as proof" did you mean my arms?

"the blood has not seeped through" this confused me... i didn't get what you meant it hadn't seeped through

"but please do not think me/to forever stay"... those 2 lines were phrased really awkwardly.

The ending too confused me because slitting your wrists forever one last time doesn't make sense, unless it's because then you'll be dead, but that doesn't really make sense with reassuring them that you haven't really hurt yourself.

Also, you end it with a period, but no other punctuation, which seems odd to me.

I liked the idea of the piece and the repetition of one last time. The descriptions were nice as well as was the formatting with the line breaks, but the piece confused me a bit. Still nice job.