Reviews for Chain of Dominoes
CURE-Karasu chapter 1 . 6/4/2008

Why the hell doesn't this have any reviews? This is probably THE BEST one-shot I've ever read in my life. 8D It's just... absolutely wonderful. Really. Domino is fucking (like a friend of mine said: star it out all you want, fictionpress, the message still comes across!) INCREDIBLE.

I love the name Rave (mainly because I like the actual dancing, too, haha). And the silver hair... gah, my weakness in bishies is silver hair (hello Sephiroth, am I right?). :D He's so cute, too. But not, like, annoyingly cute. XD Which is a good thing!

And, holy shit, Phoenix is BRUTAL and I LOVE IT. Eating Domino's EYEBALL. That's hard-fuckin-core right there. (I usually don't cuss this much, I swear, haha~)

Have you ever considered turning this into a little manga one-shot? Because that would just be-ahh, mind-blowing. Kaori Yuki's (she does Angel Sanctuary and Godchild, plus a few others in case you don't know, hah; Boys Next Door was excellent, and it kind of reminds me of this) style would be perfect for this, imho. :3

Augh- I can't get enough. HAHA, Joel. I love that name (one of my characters in my NaNo novel is named Joel~). :D Thanks to you, I have a new word: fuckshine. XD;; I love it, hah.

I just have two questions (and I promise that this overly-fangirly, really super scary review will end!). One: Where the fuck can I find "Massacre Opera?" I don't happen to see it on your profile. And Two: Do you happen to like the movie Moon Child? ;D


PS: Also thanks to you, I'm watching Princess Princess. I love finding good shounen-ai~ :D