Reviews for Desperate Escape
Katherine A. Rossetti chapter 2 . 7/13/2008
Hey, I just read both of your two chapters and so far I like it.

The first thing I noticed I really liked was how you set up Raina's family life situation in a few concise sentences that got the point across, like her Mom and Dads split and why that happened. Little details like the Mother's job as a real estate agent also make it seem more realistic, so good job on that!

Your descriptions are awesome too, for example when you were describing the cat I could clearly picture it in my head as well as the mom when you described her. The only thing I wish is that you would describe Raina so that I have a picture of her in my head when I'm reading about her.

About the rating, I think you could probably keep it to a T but just put a warning in the chapter with the suicide.

Anyway, I really like your writing so far and I want to see where you go with this so update soon!