Reviews for things i think i might know
evm chapter 1 . 5/16/2008
But I don't own any toaster ovens to give you...

This is really cool- love the last lines, and the way it starts. And I think you could make a way cooler title. Like, just use, "things i think i might know" I think that would be a better title for it: more impact that way. Also, go to the edit document feature, and there are instructions there at the bottom of the window that can help you to single space your poem and fix other formating issues.

Anyways, this is the way I would write your poem:

"things i think i might know"

and it seems so long ago:

the times i thought i'd die if you weren't close,

like the spring rain yesterday you couldn't anticipate

(it caught you in your sandals).

but it's only my head contracting, and

i know for sure that the universe i g-

at least,

that's what they tell me,

talking in rooms so full of air conditioning i can barely stand it.
kelsi bones chapter 1 . 5/15/2008
this reminds me a bit of "tekno love song" by cocorosie ]

i love the scattery type of sense that it makes. amazing work.