Reviews for Sweet November
A. Jocko chapter 2 . 5/17/2008
Hell. Yes.

Thank you so much for restoring my faith in this website. I'm not saying the story is PERFECT, but it's very good.

First thing, the problem a lot of writers have is making their speech match the first person narrative they're writing in. You do that flawlessly, as the main characters speech matches their internal monologue quite well. Very nice, my friend.

Second thing I liked? Messing with my expectations. I'm a very critical reader, a little too much for my own good at times. I read things and I look at them for something to dive on. Within two paragraphs in chapter 1, I thought I'd found something I could tear up in the description. Then, you used it to segue into writing about Lydia. The most brilliant things are the tiny transitions.

Weaknesses? Not a lot. It's not like the greatest thing I've ever read but it's pretty damn good. "Well, even if I did one couldn't blame me for it, after what I saw in that split ends-broken toe building." I didn't really understand that sentence.

Loved the little paragraph with the food on the table mentioning the flowers, then looking out at the neighbor and drawing a parallel between them. Great stuff.

I'll be throwing this on my favorites list, reading regularly. Hope you keep updating.