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Brandon T chapter 1 . 8/8/2008
SO. I'm Brandon. Haha. I sent in that review and decided that I wanted to write on here too so I registered. If you want to respond or knock me around for being mean (please don't D ) then I'm on here too now. D
Brandon chapter 1 . 8/8/2008
So. Hm.

Well, I guess I should first thank you for the story. I enjoyed it a good deal. LOVED Alex. I actually prefer the name Noah because Alex is actually pretty played-out, but I suppose that plays to Alex's subconscious desire to fit in and be somewhat normal. That and his desire to exert control over his surroundings, like with the tattoo. Haha. But that's just me reading into things. Yes. I loved Alex, and I liked Ryan, but I think that may have had more to do with the fact that the story was told a good deal more in the beginning from Alex's point of view. There was a certain mystery to Ryan's motives and that made him REALLY interesting to read and watch develop.

But once you did start letting us into Ryan's head, I don't know, it became sort of... not as interesting? Don't get me wrong, I think you portrayed him extremely well. Sort of salts of the earth and grounded. Very earthy in the text. Simple. A very good character. Done well. But he started to wear on my nerves a little bit. And that had mostly to do with the whole "mommy and daddy" thing. I understand it was a joke, but for two people who think they're straight, that's just not something that's gonna happen. And if Alex was really working under the assumption that he was straight (and I think he was up until the birthday party), conceding the role of 'daddy' and taking on 'mommy' just felt a little weird to me. Like, the whole thing was a little weird and I get that their friendship was for the most part in a bubble and with the two of them, it may have been okay. But didn't some part of them find it strange if they've grown up under the impression that they're both straight? It just felt weird and artificial to me. I get it when I think of it in terms of a gay love story, that they would do that, but taken out of that context, it doesn't feel organic.

The other issue with Alex that I had was that I really didn't know who he was. I started to get the idea that he was sort of this shy boy, kind of quiet and a little on the melancholy side. And then he'd randomly make a quip back at Ryan. And I'd be, "okay." ANd accept it. And then he'd again become this really shy boy. I mean, one or the other. There's nothing wrong with a shy boy who makes quips and jokes about, but I mean... it felt a little uneven. And I STILL don't know who he is. I mean, really. On the inside. Ryan, I understand pretty well, but for the most part, Alex feels a little... vague to me. I love the scenes when he actually does show some emotion and I realize how naive and gentle he really is. Like when the animals die. But then he'll drift along for five or six chapters and not really show any personality at all.

Which is my next point. I read this. I read it once all the way through. Then I read it and skipped like five chapters. And didn't miss anything. That's sort of a bad thing, I figure. Sometimes, you go through entire chapters of stuff that kind of has no bearing on the story and on a small scale, you go through stuff that has no bearing on a chapter. You include a lot of boring, mundane sort of things and some of the characters you introduce are sort of... useless. I mean, why even bother with giving them names if you're just gonna use 'em and ditch 'em. If they really were Ryan's friends, they wouldn't be so disregarded and cast aside in a cursory heap. And then there's the fact that Alex's relationship with his mom is kind of... not really developed either. He said that it had mostly been just them as he grew up, but he only worries about her when he sees a note on the fridge? He doesn't worry about her working all of the time or if she loves him or any of that? Half of the time, he hardly thinks about her at all. Actually, less than half. Always working or not, she's his mom and mothers have a pretty big impact on the lives of their kids and she's treated as this sort of secondary character with no real impact.

No, I don't mean stick her at every turn, but I mean, I think she deserved a bit more than what she got in the earlier chapters.

So, I loved the first twenty chapters. The first six, especially. But then everything started becoming monotonous. The same things, chapter after chapter. Through the first six chapters, there was this building of the friendship and the developing of maybe something more. The writing was really good. But then everything started to get dull around chapter seven and by the time I got to twenty, I was wondering if I'd even keep on reading. It felt like I'd already reached the end of what needed to be said. And then you kind of extended the story, saying the same things over and over and over. Blah, blah. I love you. Blah, blah. I love you. I actually liked how you handled that scene, when they finally said those words. Kudos for that realism, but I hated the sickly sweetness of the latter half of this story. It's all so... done? Cliche? Passe? One of those, I'm not sure which.

BUT. I liked this story. A lot. My advice would be to liven Alex's character up a bit. That doesn't mean make him crazy or anything, but develop and breathe more life into him. Really let him shine. Open him up a bit more to the reader and let them glimpse what's really in his head. I can see how he might be complex, but he just kind of isn't reading that way. Uhm. Liven things up in the story a bit too. I know they're in the middle of nowhere, but... something. Anything. This is a major problem with love stories. They get really boring after a while. You know how I love you was a big problem and later sex? Well, find another issue and stick them with it. I only liked the realism in the confession, and the realism in I love you. The sex scene and the mom coming out scenes felt a little cheesy so... yeah. Try to make things a little less perfect. Homosexual couples and couples in general usually have more friction than what you're portraying. Because it involves trying to combine two very different people into something unique and different.

I mean. It's cute that he got a little jealous with the girls, but that was more blase and insipid than realistic and interesting. I challenge you to explore other relationship issues. There are a ton of them, especially in the early stages. Right when the happy part wears off. Maybe they disagree on something? Like. I don't know. SOMETHING. ANYTHING. To give this story a pulse.

That's my major advice. There are other little things like maybe you could be a tad bit more aware of how your characters move in the space you create and use less awkward sentences or maybe fine-tune your writer's ear a bit because there are definitely some things that could be improved. BUT. The major issues I found were, as I pointed out above, in the characterization and plots.

I really did enjoy reading this story. MAINLY the front half. But I liked it. Sorry if I was harsh in places. ( I didn't mean to offend. Hope this helps!
iCorpseGringer chapter 39 . 8/5/2008
This chapter is awesome!

I'm so glad Alex's mom was ok with him being gay!

I got worried that she wasn't.

I'm looking forward to the wedding and I want Kelsey to tell people she's pregnant already!

I hope stupid Brian doesn't decide that he doesn't want to get married!

If he does I'll kill him!


P.S: Thank you for thanking me you are welcome!

And I should be thanking you because some people don't update for months... YEARS. So thank you for keeping the story going. Reading it brightens up my day!

Unless its a sad chapter...
iCorpseGringer chapter 38 . 8/5/2008
This chapter was so cute thank you for updating and i hope your vacation was awesome :]
OrangeFish chapter 39 . 8/2/2008
Dearie me, I can't believe I missed all the updates. I blame my brother's wedding and acrylic nails. I love how this is all going. The lack of conflict is a bit surprising, but most appreciated during the summer. I saw the update on your page, I hope all is well. And thanks for the thanks! Sorry I haven't reviewed more, I've been with my family. Looking forward to the wedding! :)
Sunshinefox87 chapter 39 . 7/30/2008
I just Love your story!I've been looking for someting to read and this just hit the spot. I can't wait for more!
iEatNoobs chapter 39 . 7/29/2008
Oh, lookie here.

Someone got a new acct.



Yeah, iEatNoobs, I rule. I know.

Lmfao. J/k J/k.

Horrible ign.

It's the result of about 7 energy drinks, a full day of exhausting screaming/jumping at a concert, and the time of 2:54am.

Should I say it...?

I think I should...


Kellie chapter 39 . 7/29/2008
Ahah, well, another great chapter.

Of course, did you see this review coming?


You should know, BY NOW, how amazing these chapters are.

Err, sure, I'll make an acct :]


Let's see if I can figure it out :o

I don't write much. I guess it's because I

have too low of self-esteem to actually post anything o.o

But yeah, lol, I'll get an acct



And Ty's the father of your children? O-o


xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx chapter 39 . 7/27/2008
brill! i just came back from holiday to find two of your wonderful chapters waiting for me to read! what better welcome home present? :P

anyway, they were both great, and i cant WAIT to read more!
MisterScotty chapter 39 . 7/26/2008
Your story is very successful! ;)

Of course it is though, it's simply amazing.

I love it! Keep it up! I really like this story.
CucumberPrincess chapter 39 . 7/26/2008
This chapter has my name on it too. xD

Alright. Liked this one a lot. Very cute. I had a comment, but I'm forgetting it... Uhm...


Damn. IDK. ;

Yay for a new chapter! Anne is such a yaoi fangirl. Keep up the wonderful writing and happy 39th page and such.

jess chapter 39 . 7/26/2008
nice! lol wonderful as always ;)
Arisa Ash chapter 39 . 7/26/2008
Shizzle Snaps! First of all, congratulations on you 300th review! I'm 301, but oh well. XP Go you, go you! Thanks for mentioning me, by the way! It totally made my day! :D

Okay, so the chapter! I so super thought that Elizabeth was like, pissed or something. I thought she was going to have the mother equivalent of Mike's father freak out. Thank goodness she didn't though! Now I want to see how Mike is going to treat Alex differently. Can't wait to find out! This was really a great chapter, as were your others. Keep up the amazing work! I hope you update soon.

~ R!n
little-twinklestar chapter 39 . 7/26/2008

thanks for the update, you made my day! like I wrote a while ago your story distracts me from everything going on in my life right now, which is good ;) thanks for that and have a nice weekend *hugs*
Wordistic chapter 39 . 7/25/2008
Woah, hey. I leave for awhile and the story grows by leaps and bounds. It was awesome coming back and having a bunch of chaps to read... Anyways, I like, as uzh.

One thing I've got to mention, Emily and Mike coming to the whole stage of "ok it's not the end of the world they're gay" stage, seemed a little fast to me. In my personal experience, it usually doesn't go over that smoothly. I don't know though, it wasn't something that bothered me until a few read-through's. Just throwing that out there.

I did really like the description in the camping place, that was good. Also, kudos on pulling off a multiple pov shift throughout the chaps. I don't think I've gotten confused yet.

I talk too much :( I'll be back when ya update.
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