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Valinta chapter 11 . 3/13/2010
Gosh, I lurve this story. Please add more chapters!

Y'know, this also gives me a question for Saito-sensei in Detention.
Cari Barrymore chapter 2 . 9/28/2009
Yasuo must have known that Kane would come. Why didn't he say anything to Mira? Was it to protect her or something? I really wonder, is Kane and Kaito good or bad? I hope they're good, and I apologize. I didn't like Kaito very much so...but then again, I'm a reader. I don't know what'll happen. I agree with Kaito. Wow, Wind Master...Wow, Yasuo uses fire. LOL. I love that line.

Wow, I actually think ira's a bit more stubborn here than in Detention. Hm...Uh-oh...I feel bad...LOL. I love how Kane said that Mira was stupid. Honestly, there are times where I hate Mira but most of the times I love Mira.

Wow, Shina. I should've known...I don't knkow the story well but I think Mira should go with Kane. They all have names. I think it's only Yasuo's I don't know.

Who's Moriko? I'm not very familiar with her, I think.

Yuu, I don't think I know him either.

Wow, nice costume you gave Kane. Come on, this is one of the times I hate Mira. I also like the costume you gave Mira. Ah, so that's the kind of organization Schattenreich is. Nic name. :). Wow, was that really the punishment? Moriko seems such like a nice, cute, cheerful person.

Ah, I know Yasuo's now.

I like this chapter, it explained a lot. I can't wait if there'll ever be Kane/Mira. Anyways, it's getting late here and I'm a scaredy cat so...I'll R&R again tomorrow, since there's no school. But I'll reply to your message :D.
Cari Barrymore chapter 1 . 9/28/2009
As promised, I will review every chapter if this story! I go!

Ahh, I see, Mira is here. So does that mean Kane is here too? Wow, can't wait! Sort of older sister, Shina? It is. Ah, so are like Shina and Yasuo together or something? I should stop asking questions and read. Aww, poor Mira. LOL. I love that.

I agree. School is doom. Oh, I see. Yasuo and Shina are siblings, or maybe cousins. Siblings I guess. Correct me if I'm wrong. Rika and Kira! I love them! And they're here! LOL. I hope it's Kane! I would so love to see a teenage version of Kane! AH! Leiko is here? NO! Oh, well, it'll be more intersting *snickers* but tell her I've hated her since before! Kaito's here too? More distractions!

Wow, the first time they met and they already locked eyes! Hm...bad Kane...not ina fixed uniform. Ah, Kane and Mira are sitting next to each other. I agree with Mira, school's so...but I don't agree with Math. Sure, I hated math but I love it now! I'm loving Mira and Kane by the second!

Leiko, you suck. Let Kane sit wherever he wants. Whoah, what is up with Kane? Still, I love him! What's up with Mira? I wonder who the man is...he looks creepy. Wonder how Kane got there. Wow, I'm etting so nervous! Yes! Mira...Kuroi...Mira...Kuroi...I'll call you Mira first...go with them!

Wow, Kane's very good...So Kaito is with Kane...interesting!

So gonna read the next!
Kuoria Kyouri chapter 2 . 7/26/2009
so, let's start again...

nothing change so far and the story always remained light, and good

the scenes were cool

wanted to know what Mira (Kuroi) can do... maybe, darkness?

and,sui-chan thinks that Kaito has a point, of course, a memory is still a memory even if it is a bad one that nobody wants to know; yet, cannot deny that Yasuo just want Mira to be save from all those harsh memories

Shina's powers is cool... lighting and, Yuu's power too...

And, Kane really didn't told anyone what powers he has right? Only having that sword...urgg...

So for check-up, Kaito has wind, Yasuo has fire, Shina has lightning, Moriko has vines, and Yuu has ice...

cool, and there's a bit of a ninji-style background in this chapter because of that suriken things...

ok, that's all

Please continue again like always and sui-chan will continue to review them

God Bless and Bye Bye :]
Kuoria Kyouri chapter 1 . 7/25/2009
that's awesome!Cannot wait to read the next chapters...

the story intro is very catchy and good, not too much of a heavy flow so it's a refreshing beginning

the characters are cute and they all have a unique role to play which is refreshing too...

the fighting scenes were great and sui-chan is expecting more of the action

Mira is a cool girl, and sui-chan understands if she doesn't have a single clue on everything that revolves around her. Well, that's usually the starting point of every story...

The twins - Rika and Kira are taken into light characters too, which is good and coordinating to the story

In the dialogue parts, it is done in a very fitting and good lines, and not some crap that sui-chan uses to read in other's stories (no offense, and it isn't found in the stories I've selected in my favorites)

Kane and Kaito's persona gives this cool breeze

As for Leiko..., pretty arrogant huh? Well, cannot argue with that

Anyway, Yasuo seems to be somebody from behind

Sui-chan have issued so many questions about him, like who the hell is he and why he suddenly pointed a sword? And where did the sword came? Hahaha, that's so many, and it will be answered in the next chapters to come

Thank you very much for posting this story and please continue and sui-chan will continue reviewing...
Misao S chapter 2 . 1/16/2009
This looks like a fun adventure story thus far! Mira and Kane seem to have some good chemistry going on-I like it.
LostAngel217 chapter 1 . 7/26/2008
ok so its lk this...I have to say this about ur story...and I don't know how ur going to take it but; I JUST LOVE IT! U REALLY OUT DID UR SELF THIS TIME KAI-CHAN!

continue on the great work!
wonderkidevolution chapter 5 . 6/30/2008
Great work! I really like this story. Keep up the good work and update soon.

Feel free to read some of my works.
Amphithere chapter 1 . 6/18/2008
Hi. I've only read the first chapter so far, but I think I get the basic idea from the clues. It was pretty good, and easy to read, but there wer some choppy parts that felt weird. It's hard to do manga in type because it's mostly quotes, but it's hard to transfer that into just text without picures. I think you did a pretty good job.

One question: if Mira did lose he memory in an accident then why did Kane sound confused when she mentioned it?

“Wait, you knew me before I was in the accident?”

“Accident?” He said with a puzzled look.“What accident?”

"Two years ago your memory was wiped after an accident..."