Reviews for Steeped
just zen wellness chapter 1 . 11/21/2009
Past is past where it belongs...sadly I have a strong presence in Canada the USA as well the Internet. Reviewing your story about myself didn't come as a shock since I get current updates of our history on a regular basis from those that know love, care and stand for my truths. You chose to make the call Wendy and yourself loathing and pity will never erase the betrayal against our 20 year friendship. The years of love and unconditional support I gave to your family are part of my memory's. NO longer are you on my stage nor are you my sons God Mother, you have been erased. What degrading comments you cast out on who I am are shocking to say the least Wendy.

I wish only the best for you, knowing your focus on the past will destroy you. Best advise I can give is to stay in the present moment and practice gratitude for what you have been given.

Kind regards Ms Jonni Fox