Reviews for The Fourth War
Tranquil Thorns chapter 1 . 6/2/2008
Wow! What a wonderful story.

(I was eating popcorn while I read it. P)

I like the fact that you used journal entries to tell the tale. In some cases that style doesn't work too well, but in this case I was pulled in from the beginning.

And woah. The ending shocked me a lot. In most sci-fi stories it is the humans who are the conquered and who have to fight for their freedom, but I love the twist here. The narrator just seemed so human to me that I couldn't help but be surprised.

One thing that got me curious, though. If the invaders are humans, how come they are described with protruding abdomens and hairy faces? The hairy face is probably a beard, of course, and humans would look weird to aliens, but I was wondering if you were hinting at the fact that humans somehow mutated (or something along those lines).

Excellently written, though!