Reviews for Tragedies of Wind and Sea
emmaliefje chapter 2 . 6/13/2008
PERFECT! I dont wanna be selfish, but I'm just too excited to shut up! Very well-written! Very nice! And fits perfectly with that idea of intertwining stories! The first chapter: husband/captain who dies at sea. Second chapter: how the wife felt when he was taken. I'm sending you an email as soon as you send me one (hint hint) explaining some more stuff, but I seriously think this could be awesome and work perfectly! It would be too exciting! :D:D:D:D Well-done! I love this as much as the first chapter!
emmaliefje chapter 1 . 6/7/2008
O! I love this! This is friggin creepy though, I was just writing a story about the sea and ships and shipwrecks! It's way too creepy. (It's more about mermaids though. A mermaid who leaves the sea (Little Mermaid style), doesn't understand the difference between men and women, and falls in love with the first person she meets. It doesnt end nicely though. Sadly. I havent decided. :P) You should write more stories! Your poems are gorgeous, but this is AMAZING! I got a reply a while ago about my sentence structure and how I should vary it, and now I'm paranoid about that, so I am ridiculously jealous of you because you pull it off so seamlessly. This is really really really great. Maybe it sounds like I'm going over the top, but really. Well, well, well-done! luv u! (btw, if this is the second time I posted this reply, ignore it, cuz my pc freaked... if its not, good :P)