Reviews for Choosing Packs: Going Public
Lynn-Night chapter 15 . 10/12/2008
Good job!

I love how you updated so fast!

Please update quickly!

Love it so far!
Annabel Wynters chapter 15 . 10/12/2008
Ha! her mom thought she was pregnant! good chapter, I really wanted to know what the article said though, if it was in a good light or a bad one. can't wait for the next one!
Amara Quinn chapter 15 . 10/12/2008
Yay! Another update! I'm eagerly awaiting more!
Annabel Wynters chapter 14 . 10/12/2008
No Vampires! just werewolves! Yay, you wrote another chapter, very informational on the Canton Pack. Can't wait for more!
Laura Lopez chapter 14 . 10/12/2008
Haha I hadn't even thought of that. Good way to end the chapter.:D
MyDecoy chapter 14 . 10/11/2008
Oh! Crap.

Maybe Will will die. lol

from a rouge wolf from being exposed 0!

SO MANY IDEAS ) loved it )
Estelin chapter 14 . 10/11/2008
Long awaited. this was excellent. keep up the good work and writing. i can wait 10 years for and update. reminds me i really need to work on a new chapter for my story.
Lynn-Night chapter 14 . 10/11/2008
Good job! Update really soon!

Can't wait to read more!
Amara Quinn chapter 14 . 10/11/2008
Ooh, I sense some foreshadowing! Thanks for the great update. I really love this story!
midnightdream-5 chapter 9 . 10/4/2008
ooh this just got very interesting! and say thanks to your friend!

kat x
MyDecoy chapter 13 . 9/27/2008

I loving the story so far )
Neilani D chapter 13 . 9/25/2008
WOW! I haven't been reading, and I'm glad there were a few chapters for me to read when I finally did. I think I like Theo better than the other two, I forgot, but is he as strong as Sylvan and Jeremy, Could he fight for Jenny too? I think he'd be better at being alpha male, he's more composed and Jenny has a lot of fun fighting over potato chips with him. lol

can't wait fo more. :D
midnightdream-5 chapter 6 . 9/12/2008
ok i know i keep writing it but seriously aww lol

kat x
midnightdream-5 chapter 5 . 9/12/2008
aww thats so sweet hehe

kat x
midnightdream-5 chapter 4 . 9/12/2008
damn it i like them both! *cries*
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