Reviews for Private Practice
Lalaaland chapter 12 . 3/22/2017
Pls continue this story i really wanna
Koi19 chapter 12 . 8/13/2013
Take your time Your health is more important. Looking forward to when the next chapter goes up
deshaunwalker chapter 12 . 8/11/2013
Glad to hear you're still writing! This is one of my fav stories on FP and I can't wait to see another update!
OhGoodnessMarie chapter 11 . 3/12/2013
Eleven chapters of beauty. Over the past three days, I have indeedy read over 100,000 words of this really perfect story and I love you so much for writing it. (: It's crazy that the first chapter was all...funky town and a bunch of carnal pleasure from Andrew, and somehow it morphed into this cute lovey dovey story. I don't even know how you managed to do such a thing, but you did. And I love it so much. (: I started out being pretty creeped out by Andrew, and then kind of being creeped out/kind of empathizing with him, to loving him and being creeped out by him and Jeremy equally. :P Because that showdown in the bathroom just said many things about both of their dirty minds. :P Oh, and Mike. I kind of love the bastard. He's totally in love with Andrew. But obviously he doesn't want to be. He was so incredibly obnoxious at the beginning but now he's only annoying when he...blows up about life and etc. (: I can see that you've been working on this story for a long time. And with each chapter at roughly 10,000 words, pssh yeah it's going to take more than a week for you to update. But I hope you haven't stopped writing this story yet. Please don't give up, if you're thinking about it. I NEED to know what happens. And I'm super addicted to your writing style. If this story never gets finished I'll be so upset when I go to reread it every couple months or so. :P Honestly, I love it so much. Update soon! Sometime this year, at least! :P xx
Peacock Slayer chapter 11 . 12/4/2012
wow u havent updated in a year and even though u probly wont update for a while i just want to say that this is just beautiful. It captures both the POV of the main characters perfectly and i really hope that u update soon.
marginal-utility chapter 11 . 1/9/2012
this is freaking amazing 3 Especially loved the first 3 chapters, soo hilarious :D
Kugatsu chapter 11 . 11/13/2011
Oh my, this has got to be the best fic I've read in a while! This is definitley not your run of the mill yaoi fanfic. The story line is very unique and I like how the POV switches between Andrew and Jeremhy. The really long chapters are nice too! LOL I was actually pretty surprised that Jeremy ended up topping and didn't like it at the beginning, but yeah, it kinda grew on me and it works pretty well :) Please please please please pleeeeeaaaaase update soon!

P.S. I actually made this account just so I could favourite this story XD
catiemon chapter 11 . 11/9/2011
love, love, love this! Hoping for more! _

Bit sorry for Andy now that Jer is being hesitant and all that. Maybe he just needs to get jealous? :D haha! Can't wait! _
deadkitty1 chapter 11 . 11/2/2011
I totally love this story! My favorite chapters have to be the first one and the one where they have sex for the first time. I love how the arrogant and narcissistic Andrew changed into a kind yet still cynical human being. Also I was surprised to see that Jeremy also had a very drastic character change from passive to aggressive. The character development between the two is amazing!

Honestly, I didn't care for the couple of chapters in the beginning with Jeremy's POV since it was repeating itself. I appreciate knowing how he reacted during that situation but didn't really feel it was necessary. Um... I also notice you wrote Chapter 11 in Jeremy's POV too and even though I understand why you did it, I kept thinking that I was reading Andy's thoughts instead of Jeremy's. It's oddly weird to see that Jeremy has the same weird pervertedness as Andy and that they're both kinda blending into each other someway; like Jeremy's becoming more like Andy. It could be that they're spending more time together so they're acting more like each other but I felt that it's a bit too much? What I'm saying is that I prefer that you stick with Andy's POV since his demented view of the world suits the story better. Just my personal opinion so it's fine if you agree or not.

Anyway I'm amazed at not only at the length of each chapter but how engaging each one is! And I'm not just taking about the sex scenes ;) I really do like how you describe their thoughts and the conflicts that go on in their heads. I'm happy there's not only juicy stuff but a real plot so I look forward to the next chapter! :D

PS Left 4 Dead 2 is an awesome game. I'm frankly a scardy-cat when it comes to horror films/games so I usually just watch my brother play it and leave when something pops up.
Lerene chapter 11 . 10/17/2011
you have me bouncing in my seat think "Oh No!" I really want to beat Mike up for putting all these doubts in Jeremy's head.
The Secret Pervert chapter 11 . 9/25/2011
Hehehe :} **Suscribed**
The Secret Pervert chapter 11 . 9/25/2011
T_T That was ... Really so... Epic... WAHHHH! T_T You are such a good writer .;; I need to come back and add this...
The Secret Pervert chapter 9 . 9/25/2011
OwO You're awesome. 'nuff said XD
The Secret Pervert chapter 8 . 9/25/2011
LOLLL I laughed my butt off at the ending XD!
The Secret Pervert chapter 6 . 9/25/2011
This is so RANDOM and extremely AWESOME! ... I loves it 3 *u*
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