Reviews for imprint
arrhythmias chapter 1 . 6/19/2011
"I don't want to fade/ I want to make an imprint./ I want I want I want/ Wanting does nothing./ How about some fucking action?"

i related to this poem far too well. which made it even better.
wonderfullysenseless chapter 1 . 9/6/2008
I really love your stuff. I wrote this little...thing last night. I'm going to post it, eventually. I thought of it when I read this poem. It kind of applies, but not really... I have no idea what it says, actually. I was nine tenths asleep while I wrote it, but here: (and I apologize for the randomness. I'm not particularly coherent right now, either.)

A Blink:

A little blink on a map: that’s where you live.

That’s where everyone lives. They all have their own little blinks on their own little maps.

But it’s the people themselves who are the blinks on the map, because a blink is a measurement of time.

A blink is the smallest amount of time possible, and the longest.

It is the smallest amount of time possible for me; it’s how I count. If I counted in, say, picoseconds, seconds, minutes, hours, even days, I would bore myself to death.

Blinks are easier for me, and more sensible.

I see through these blinks on the map; they are my eyes.

But for you, a blink the longest amount of time possible.

It isn’t something easily definable. Blinks come and go as people do, but don’t die with them. They remain, until the last tear is shed, the last book written, the last little bit of flesh eaten by the worms – and then those worms eaten by something else – until your life is truly gone.

I have lived the lives of everyone you know, everyone they know, everyone you or they have ever known. I have lived as every blade of grass you have ever cut, every flower you’ve picked, every house you’ve lived in, thing you’ve eaten, the very ground you walk on, the air you breathe, bed you’ve slept on, everything.

And every single one of them remembers you.

I’m not going anywhere.

East-0f-Eden chapter 1 . 6/12/2008
:) I was wondering when you'd post again. Love your message.
Tytherpol chapter 1 . 6/12/2008

the second i read the last line of this, a car beep/honked outside of my window (you know that sound they make when someone locks them?) and anyway it scared the hell out of me

so yeah

i can write anything here, and it won't amount to much of anything in the big picture of even just ourselves. and it certainly wouldn't be something we'd talk about over tea in 2099.

my grandma used to tell me "it doesn't matter what a man says to you, sara, words are only as deep as your brain. what matters are his actions."

and i'm pretty sure that was just to prevent me from ever getting stuck in an abusive relationship or w/e

but it also applies to so much more

ie i just finished reading fight club for the first time.

and i know that i have never been punched. i've never known any kind of outrageous sensation. there is so much..action that i've never experienced.

and i can tell myself in my mind that i am alive to a reasonably full extent, but i still don't know what it feels like to reach out and really touch someone or do something that really matters or make that change or anything

but you're talking about change.

change action.

which i appreciate too of course.

i think you pretty much perfectly voiced the sentiment of every "anarchist poet"

really anyone desperate enough

you know we think we're pretty hot shit for leaving those imprints on the moon

and maybe we are simply because the moon doesn't have wind

but to have a real purpose as you say. man i don't know. can't wait until you find yours. i'll probably a little follower of whatever you find, if it makes you happy.

i know it's not enough to tell you that you gave me the incentive to rethink my life more than anyone has. so hey~ maybe i'll be just the first notch on your clipboard.

I want I want I want

i love it

okay sry more rambling story time but i can't pass up sharing this one

i have a younger brother and a younger sister, and my parents used to jokingly call us "I want" "Gimme" and "Me too"

i was "i want"

my younger sister was "gimme"

and the youngest, my brother, was "me too"

and, well anyway,

i still want, my sister still expects, and my brother still follows.

hope you do some wonderful travelling and searching

also i hope your short-term life goes well

because you know there's always gonna be a now.

i'm such a fucking hypocrite

i still haven't been punched

Ashelin chapter 1 . 6/12/2008
I think everyone wants to leave their mark, to actually mean something to this world, against all the odds that our individuality won't be remembered, only the repercussions of our hateful acts as a whole. It's quite sad actually. I think the last two lines were very true. It's not about wanting, it's about doing. Great job.