Reviews for A Child Of Glory
n9voc chapter 5 . 10/6/2008
A well crafted and interesting story about mankind's new home - Glory. I enjoyed the descriptive passages, and am intriqued by the backstory, the plague that forced mankind from Old Earth. As any introduction to a series, this fine story causes me to ask more questions than it answers - What is in Pappy's mind for Jo? Did Earth ever recover from the plague? Why is a bicycle so valuable? What happens next? (the most burning of questions!) Exactly what are the lies of omission that got Johanna in trouble?

A great introduction to this universe, that of the worlds of Glory. An engaging narrative, solid plot, good dialog. Suspension of disbelief was easy in this story, I almost can see the world in my minds eye as the refuge of mankind post a tragic plague. So many possibilities - I hope we here MORE of this universe from you!

'nuff said.
Floating Fish chapter 1 . 7/10/2008
So imaginative! I only have time to read this chapter tonight but I hope to read the rest tomorrow.

I really like Johanna so far and I want to know what decision she has come to. I like that she takes charge, a bit of a relief for a heroine.

Your descriptions were amazing. Maybe a little more verbose than necessary sometimes - but mostly they were great at painting images, like when her hair travels behind her 'like a black banner'. Brilliant.
StarGazer88 chapter 1 . 6/14/2008
A very beautiful opening. You have painted a wonderful image of Glory and one feels connected to it. I love the names of the cities. I was puzzeled by Johanna's age, but her father is similarly longlived so I feel there will be an explaination. You've given me a tantalizing glimps at a beautiful world. Well done.