Reviews for The Cost of Northern Victory
Guest chapter 1 . 7/23/2012
nostalgiagoat chapter 1 . 11/17/2011
wow, very nice detailed work.

although I still don't think that the taxes on the south were why the south succeeded, because they were being very well represented in congress so any taxes that were put on agricultural products were half way brought onto themselves. not to mention that it can be argued that the south shouldn't have been worried about president Lincoln’s election because even though he was republican the democrats still held a comfortable majority in both the house and the senate. I think that America became to divided upon ideals. extremists from the north and the south also played a big role in deepening the wounds. north was saying "THOSE EVIL SALVE MONGERING REBS!" when in reality only about 5% of the south actually owned slaves and there were more anti-slavery groups in the south before the war. the south was saying that the north was "THE BIG MAN TRYING TO STEP ON THE LITLE MAN'S BUISNESS!" when really the south was being represented in congress. I think that these extremists did way more damage then good.

also as far as the union destroying homes? ya Sherman was an idiot as were most of the union generals, pompous thick skulled jerks. teh south had way more moral men to lead them, that I do agree with, but don't act like the south as a nation of saints. they committed their own fair share of bad deeds, not to mention before the war extremists burned down a city and raped the woman.

I really don't think that America would be this utopia of a perfect nation if the south had won either. Although I do think that states rights did decrease since the union victory I also believe that if the south had won it would have eventually torn the nation to shreds, simply because if you give the states to much rights then what's the difference between them and eighteenth century Germany? I know that they'd have their own state constitutions, but my point is is that they'd pretty much be their own little countries with a very weak central government. The central government is meant to be sort of a glue that keeps the states together, that was why the founding father created it, because the colonies were so diverse and different that they needed something to bind them together. I also think that the founding fathers idea of a united nation would have been dashed and history would have been repeated, to say that a republic cannot survive in a large country.

Another thing is that you need to remember that man is inherently sinful. I've seen this time and time again, their were very honorable people on both the north and south and their were those selfish jerkoffs on each side as well. Even if America was united again I think that eventually we would have ended up in a similar situation as we are now, because people are people. They were back then and they will always be people. Not only that but the democratic ideas no longer hold strong in the south. Texas, for example, is probably one of the most conservative republican states you'll ever go to.

I think I lost my train of thought though so I'll just end this here before I ramble on, and as a closing statement I'd like to say that it is not good to dwell on the past and try to remind America of the scars it bears. That doesn't mean don't remember what had happened, but don't act like the civil war is being fought today, because it's not. Instead let us focus on the day and educate ourselves on the past, but try and move forward.

– When word spread of Lee's surrender, the noise of celebration and gun salutes erupted throughout the union lines. General Grant, however, quickly ordered the commotion to cease. “The war is over,” The General said. “The Rebels are our countrymen again.”
AlysonSerenaStone chapter 1 . 6/29/2011
As for the nation, I can't really say who would run the government better. If the UK and France had helped the CSA, things would have been different. The South may have won then. Also, I have another theory, that's not stated: If Gerenal Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson hadn't had died, the CSA would have won Gettysburg and possibly the war. It seemed like when he was involved in the battle, the CSA did a lot better.