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Coralsea chapter 7 . 2/15/2022
I feel sorry for Eevie. I mean who would want to be in her shoes right now ? And to answer your question I am from India)
Guest chapter 3 . 9/12/2017
Really funny story so far. Just a few things that seemed weird to me: are all college freshmen likely to start convos about shady Russian politics as icebreakers with Russian intl students? I went to a college that wasn't dissimilar to Cornell, but the freshmen definitely didn't seem as well-versed in Econ, politics, you name it...

I also felt like Tully's outburst at Evie's acceptance was so out of character for him. He knew she was applying and even if he was upset at her leaving, he can't reasonably blame - no, ATTACK - her for it in such a venomous and unTully-like manner. I just can't reconcile it with the Tully you've portrayed in college, even in spite of it being an emotional outburst type of thing.

Anyway, looking forward to resuming this story.
hello chapter 1 . 4/8/2017
I thought you should know your story is in Goodreads under the name Kitty Parker. Title there is Confessions of an Estranged College Freshman.
Hypocrisyisbad chapter 21 . 5/16/2015
okay let me point out the one thing that I found so awfully wrong about this story. Let's start with Evie, the girl who keeps running away from everything and waiting for other people to make things right because if not, then boohoo. What I didn't like about her character was that she acted like a self-centered bitch most of the time and yet it seemed like the people around her just had to deal with it or change their ways to suit her. She'll run when things don't look good for her and in effect breaking hearts along the way because of her indecisiveness. She's the typical bratty lead who disguises herself in a saintly goody two shoes facade. She came off to me as someone who just got with Mischa because he was safe, he was the safe choice. He was very much like her, pretty attractive in terms of looks, and is an overall nice guy. If she truly liked the guy it's pretty obvious she'd run away from him like she always does with Tully citing her lack of spine as an excuse. Never mind the fact that she didn't give two shits about doing PDA with Mischa while in front Tully, who she obviously knows (o c'mon nobody would buy it if she say she didn't), that Tully likes her and she even admitted way before that she knew he wanted to take their relationship to a non-platonic stage but that she wasn't ready. And so that shows that she did know that a friend of hers liked her and just didn't care if she hurt him or not with her actions, just that she's fine, her life's perfect, and she is happy. HER, it's always about her. She reminded me of this fictionpress story I read once about this cheerleader who annoyed me to bits because of her indecisiveness, oh help poor little me I can't choose between guys and I don't want myself to be hurt but it's okay if others do get hurt because of how I pull them up, only to let them down. Evie reminded me a bit of her. And even with indirectly knowing that she already likes Tully, she still kept denying it and in effect hurting a perfectly good person, Mischa, and prolonging his agony. It was like it would be okay for her to be with someone else and be a bitch to Tully for not liking her bf when she knows he likes her but on the other side she doesn't want Tully to be with someone else either. gee way to hold on to both, it's like the motto of the type of girls pretending to be completely innocent when they're anything but, 'kiss one on the lip and hold the other's hand so he won't be able to move on'. The lead female character was extremely self-absorbed and it was written in a way where you couldn't even tell. but if you do look closely, it was always about what she felt, she always did things when it was convenient for her, she ran whenever the situation wasn't good for her, she has this attitude of 'oh can we just forget that there's a problem and pretend everything's alright so that I can pretend as well that my life's effin dandy even if we know it's not?', she knows she's hurting Tully (seein him jealous and his deflated face) she just doesn't want to be bothered to think about it cause it hurts her uncomplicated head, and she always did things to hurt people like avoiding them just cause it was awkward and not comfortable for her, which she makes up for in the end by apologizing, making the readers think that maybe she's not so bad but take away the numerous apologies then you'll see how she's doing it again and again and the problem really is with her attitude. The other characters were good though. I especially like elizabeth and amory. It's just a huge let down that the lead was so immature and till the end she got a happy ending without even learning that life won't always bend for her. She has to learn to deal with problems and heavy situations cause in real life she won't last that long with that mentality. And it makes me feel like she didn't deserve to be happy with a guy like Tully in the end when from the first of the story till the last she was still as stuck up and was the biggest hypocrite ever. She really ruined it for me. Too bad I really loved all the characters aside from the lead girl. It was a nightmare to read her thoughts and scenes and as to how she always wants no complications while at the same time complicating everyone who is related to her life's life. She got everything handed to her in a golden platter without even trying which is probably why I don't think she deserves any of it at all.
Guest chapter 21 . 6/13/2014
Good read
embu800 chapter 21 . 6/10/2014
Love this! It's the most realistic love story I've read in forever! Keep up the good work!
heal me forever chapter 15 . 5/15/2014
I dnt like the word CHEATING or the FEELS with it *URGHHHH* so Pissed off with Tul and Evles :( *Sigh*
BOONIK chapter 5 . 3/28/2014
Ok, so I know this is really late because this story is from a while ago and all, but good, is actually, Horosho in Russian (хорошо) and ti takaya krasivaya(ты такая красивая), literally means, you are so pretty, and tsipochka (цыпочка) is an endearing word that means little chick(as in the chicken type) I am fluent in Russian, so I thought I'd point these things out, great story!
Christina chapter 21 . 1/14/2014
I actually kind of wished that Mischa and Elena would end up together because I don't know they're both kind of lonely. But I love your stories and I really hope that you will keep writing.
Guest chapter 2 . 1/1/2014
I know these reviews are stupid and you probably don't care and have graduated by now, but all the Cornell references are killing me now. North campus, the walk from north to central on the bridge. I can picture everything. The grass in the middle of mews east and west. Ahhh. And I think you wrote it before you started but "the" mews is also killing me. But actually I find myself just looking for the references. Although it seems like an interesting story.
Guest chapter 1 . 1/1/2014
Barely started but GO BIG RED! Now super excited for the read!
Arwin Fred chapter 21 . 11/10/2013
I loved this story. It is so different from Mutually Assured Destruction and Six Weeks with Satan, yet they are all so good, I think I liked this one the best though because I can actually see it happening.
Disney Is Hardcore chapter 7 . 9/2/2013
I like this story, it's interesting. However one thing I keep noticing is that there are a lot of parts that just seem kind of pointless and don't further the story. For example, relating the entire homecoming game- I'm not really into sport but I think even if I was, reading about a fictional game wouldn't really do it for me. So I would maybe consider cutting down on descriptions of things like that?
Other than that I like it, especially the characters. Also I totally knew it was going to come up that amory still liked her. Kind of mean of her to expect him to get used to it immediately and not give him any space when "he loved me so much he let me go" like really? Kind of selfish. But I think she probably just didn't think about it like that, more like "it's good we can still be friends".
blackbirds fly chapter 21 . 8/8/2013
I really enjoyed this story! Ordinarily, I never really find myself reading the girl with the boy next door type stories, but this one worked itself out really well. I knew I had to read it after I realized it was the prequel-ish-thing to Mutually Assure Destruction. I like Evie's character because she's the type of girl who you want to sometimes slap over side the head, but when she does gutsy things to get what she wants (cough run on the ice to declare her undenying love cough) you just want to kiss her. And Tully was kind of PMS-y at some parts but then I realized that that's like...every boy in real life. So props for being realistic!

And of course, I love the hockey aspect of the story. I really liked how you used actual stats and players who actually played for these teams in real life. Like I never knew Scrivens went to Cornell, but when I read it, I was like 'hm...he definitely played for the Leafs' (well now Kings hallelujah because I am not a Leafs fan. It made me excited because I recognized players who are now NHLers (Krueger, Nash, ect).

All in all, I really enjoyed this story! It was comical with it's cheesy moments and the characterization was beautifully hilarious!
ShortieMonster chapter 1 . 8/7/2013
I really love this story! I thought the characters were really well fleshed out and had their own flaws that just made them a whole lot more likeable. I really loved the relationship between Tully and Evie. It was just so cute!
This is by far one of my fave stories and you are definitely one of my fave writers! Great job on the story!
PS: Couldn't help notice Gingerbreadsquare's comment about South Africans not liking hockey and football...that was nothing but their own personal opinion. I happen to be South African and I love hockey in particular! So please don't believe what they said.
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