Reviews for The Fall of Light
zagato chapter 5 . 7/29/2008
hi! thank you for the update. this is the chapter in the summary. i like how hades can change his appearance. so it seems that he can look younger when he is with persephone. thank you again and please continue.
Buri-kun chapter 5 . 7/28/2008
squish factor maximized...eep. hades is quite...forceful here. and the last line leaves me with mixed feelings.

i'm not quite sure about what i feel about this chappie...the 'dangerous' feel is certainly well-played-out, but the last line... persephone seems a bit brazen for what just happened- i mean, pinning someone against the wall and telling them to marry you is a crepy thing to do...

good job! the atmosphere really gets me!
zagato chapter 4 . 7/26/2008
Hi crz4greece! I really like Hades and Persephone and your story is perfect. Thank you for your plan to update each week.
Anuphic Kaion chapter 3 . 7/22/2008
Awesome story! Can't wait till the next chapter! XD
zagato chapter 3 . 7/21/2008
Hi! Thank you for your update! I read your story and have it as one of my favorites. I would love to read the chapter portrayed in your summary about Hades saying he would be a good husband. Please continue.
Buri-kun chapter 3 . 7/21/2008
Wow- Hades ish funneh- he's not afraid to push Zeus's bottons even though he's more powerful. Though i rather imagined that hades was kind of quiet and soft-voiced, more in the vein of 'the quiet nerd'. though that wouldn't fit very much into the idea of godliness, would it?

The story so far is really good- it's amazing how each one of the characters seems in concord with the 'traditional' portrayals, though a few details I'd nitpick over, but only the minor ones.

Kudos to yous!
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