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Depth-of-Field chapter 3 . 7/18/2013
Mmmph. I hate cheaters too but you wrote Lee's feelings so... nice in the first chapter that I wanted him to have Adrian and for Adrian to be the perfect boyfriend that Lee deserved so much.

And then this chapter came and it wasn't even about vindication, it wasn't about Adrian at all. It was all about Lee and it was great. Beautiful story!
i-wish-i-had-wings chapter 3 . 9/22/2012
I LOVED it! It always gets to me when one person just forgives everything for the sake of love in stories (and IRL). In a good relationship you shouldn't need to compromise who you are, and I admire Lee for being strong enough to leave Adrian. A very enpowering read, thank you :)
lmnop chapter 3 . 12/22/2011
Good for Lee, pretty true to life is your story...enjoyed reading it, wish it was longer.
Run chapter 3 . 3/5/2010
Wah! It's the end! It's actually such a nice story too *sob**sob*. Oh well,*wipe tears*
Cadence chapter 3 . 1/10/2010
I read this story before you posted the final chapter. I kind of made up my own ending, where Adrien finds Lee and the two of them make up. But your ending is much better than mine.

Although I feel that in certain cases cheaters can be redeemed, I don't think Adrien deserves that chance. He completely took Lee for granted. Seems to me like he was never in love with Lee at all; he just liked having someone around to take care of him. And the fact that he valued his shallow, judgmental party animal friends more than he did Lee really pisses me off. But the absolute worse thing he did was get involved with Rebecca. People cheat, it's a fact of life. But the vast majority of them do not introduce their partners to the people they are cheating on them with! Does he just enjoy playing mind games? I can't believe he had such a high opinion of himself that he thought Lee would just jump back into his arms because of a simple apology.

Sorry for the essay. I know you said the nice boy Lee ends up with isn't the important bit, I agree with you, but I'd still like to meet the guy. Maybe you could write a sequel? I'd love to read it.
kirst chapter 2 . 1/5/2010
when will you post the final installment? ive loved this story for a long time... and i need some closure...

please? even just a little will do.
Chris Teke chapter 1 . 11/22/2009
Great job yet again. I know this feeling. . . Sort of. . . What ever you do though, dont let Adrain get Lee back. Niether of them deserve it. The former for being a straight jackass (not that straights are jackasses) and the latter for not deserving to have to deal with the pain again. . . Although I would love a third chapter (hence the suggestion) it makes sence leaving it where it is.
lakuniko chapter 2 . 7/31/2009
I like this story.

simply story line but it really squeeze my heart.

I feel sad and actually have tear in my eyes.

hopefully chapter3 came soon.
firestar267 chapter 2 . 7/28/2009
aw poor lee :(

i hope things in his new life are working for him and that hes with someone who appreciates him!

i thought this worked really well, its a really good style, cant wait for more! :)
Blo0d StaiNed Rose chapter 2 . 6/6/2009
wow..i remember when i read this story a few months back and i was in love with really glad you continued it and i hope you have a 3rd part...i like the angst in this story...i thrive on angst..beautiful..:)
virginangelic chapter 2 . 6/2/2009
Gosh, this story was wonderfully well-written and stirred strong feelings within me. I do hope that Lee moves on with someone who'll treat him better because seriously, it seems like Adrian never really loved him but rather in love with the idea of a gay relationship/lifestyle. Awesome job.
Happy Reader chapter 2 . 6/1/2009
I've never been fond of angst, but this was certainly an exception. The writing was simply wonderful. Thank you for sharing this with us.
Rhiana chapter 1 . 6/1/2009
Hi, I really really really like this story. Do you think you could write a sequel? Another one-shot will do, but could you put them back together in the end? Cos Lee is so sad and alone, and I really think they should go back together(: thanks. If you do update, or want to reply, my email is
Hi chapter 1 . 4/24/2009
Hihi! I loved this story alot, but is it possible for you to please please do a sequel or something? Maybe put them back together in the end? I'm just a sucker for happy endings.. Haha.. Thanks(:

You wrote very well, the words flow, and I can just about imagine the images in my mind as I read.

If you want to contact me, my email is:

Just want to say again: I loved your story! and if you're not too busy, please do a sequel(:
frogs of war chapter 1 . 10/23/2008
This reminds me of an article I heard about a woman who got a girlfriend and came out to her family, but found that although she loved the lifestyle, she wasn't actually attracted to women.

But Adrian is just cruel, bring the girl over to sleep in their bed.
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