Reviews for Playing with Fire
WonderousTimes chapter 20 . 5/24/2012
Oh my god, I want a Cameron, it was so sweet, the way he told Leah about loving her forever!
WonderousTimes chapter 11 . 5/23/2012
You are like my hero for being able to write such an amazing chapter/story while having seven essays. I applaud you!
RomansRoad chapter 27 . 5/15/2012
This story was amazing! I stumbled upon it while sifting through the mass of stories, and I am very excited to have found such a good read. Your writing is beautiful, not to mention you created a very believable plot-line and characters and everything! I couldn't finish the entire story in one afternoon (which saddened me), but I loaded it on my ipod and read it every time I had a free moment. You're a great writer, and thank you for an awesome read!

renegade01 chapter 27 . 5/7/2012
awesome story. i loved it the more i read. great characters that sucked you in and you made it your own. ;)
obijuankenobi chapter 1 . 3/25/2012
I think you're my favorite writer on FP.

Leah's personality is exactly like mine, so I found it incredibly easy to relate to her throughout the story. I, too, have had a best friend that's stepped on me and used me like a doormat, and I struggle with bottling up my emotions and saying no. So, in other words, Leah and I are one.

Also, I love cliches - the older-brother's-best-friend cliche is one of my favorites. Ten points for Gryffindor.

I read your profile and you and I have a lot of the same interests, which makes me love you a little bit more, even if you're not on here a lot.

At any rate, I'm glad to have come across Playing with Fire, and I shall be reading your other stories now.

Thank you for being you.
LexisW chapter 27 . 2/2/2012
loved it
ALittleLunatic chapter 13 . 1/21/2012
I don't remember why I said Cam was a bad person, but its all better now.
ALittleLunatic chapter 12 . 1/21/2012
ALittleLunatic chapter 3 . 1/21/2012
Now Lindsay's being the female equivalent of a dick.
ALittleLunatic chapter 2 . 1/21/2012
STILL A GIANT DICK. Dick move Cam.
ALittleLunatic chapter 1 . 1/21/2012
Cam was being a dick. chapter 2 . 1/11/2012
It's good...except the whole 101525 not except your math, you're a really good writer! :) (pshhh who needs math anyway?)
socialbutrfly1379 chapter 26 . 1/5/2012
I loved it. It. Was. AWESOME! :) I thought it was pretty cute, the stolen moments between Cameron&&Leah. I must ask, though. What was the song Leah sang at the wedding? Did youu think of one or were youu too lazy to? :P

Haha it was great, keep it up!
shann-ng chapter 27 . 12/29/2011
I love this story :) its amazing and i'm so glad leah and cameron got together in the end! :) you're a brilliant writer xxx
ithinkyourgay chapter 27 . 10/15/2011
i just spent the past 6 hours reading this story and im so glad cameron and leah got together finally! but i think that u could have ended the story differently, it wasn't enough!
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