Reviews for 2008 Summer Olympics Controversy
May Elizabeth chapter 1 . 9/9/2008
This is good piece, and well researched. Though politics and the olympics are of course entwined. The controversy over the last olympics this summer was over Tibet and China. I suggest you research this issue, to see why the olympic "values" and China's treatment of Tibet is a contradiction. Simply pointing it out. :D

sharks don't sleep chapter 1 . 8/6/2008
Alright, first, there are a lot of grammatical mistakes/typos in this essay, but I didn't think that took away too much from your point, although it is something to improve on if you want more credibility.

Second, in an essay you shouldn't say "my thesis is" anywhere, much less at the END of the essay. A thesis sentence should be the last sentence in the introductory (or first) paragraph, even if you don't want your essay to be very tradition, etc. It helps people to know what points you're going to be making, since you are trying to persuade people to see your side of a debate.

In my opinion, I do think that politics sometimes have to get in the way of the Olympics. I know that in the past, when the Olympics were started, countries stopped wars to have fun and compete in sport. But these days, wars AREN'T stopping during the Olympics because countries can afford to do both all at once. Boycotting the opening ceremony of the 2008 Summer Olympics takes nothing away from the athletes - just from China. What China is doing is wrong (I personally disagree with China's government system, too, but that's another issue), and in my opinion there are no pros unless you are China. Sure, *they* have pros. They get another country as theirs! What's not to love IF YOU ARE CHINA?

And also, I'm pretty sure that the Olympic Games were held in Germany during Hitler's time in power as a way to present the country to the world in a way that made it out to be a happy, healthy place when it wasn't. Maybe that wasn't 1944, but I don't see when else it could have been.

So basically I disagree with you on this.

(Also, I'm not really sure why you bring up cell phones and TV and other luxuries that we have nowadays in this. To me, that seemed way off-topic or maybe it's just really unclear what point you were trying to make with it.)