Reviews for Piano Disaster
Charlotte Crane chapter 1 . 10/7/2008
First off, thank you for the review! Haha, even if you only read it because I promised a review in return, but, hey, promising reviews in the summary succeeded in gaining attention, so I don't mind if people read my story out of their own desire for a review. lol.

Anything with the word "piano" immediately attracts my attention. However, I didn't actually expect the story to have anything to do with pianos.

This has particular significance to me because I'm a piano player, and as such, I've butchered many a recital piece. It's not fun. At all. I get the worse stage fright. This story described with almost perfect detail how I would act and react in a situation like this.

Most people cannot write well in second person. It's an interesting perspective. If you know what you're doing (and you do), you can capture the reader because they feel like they're actually reading about themselves and it quite literally puts them in the characters shoes!

Like writing in second person, using lengthy descriptions without losing your reader in adjectives takes a massive ammount of skill. The movement in this story is beautiful and the language is self is essentially flawless.

I have an eye for grammar/spelling mistakes, but I only caught one here!

"... you 5 marks off your score.." When your writing in prose, you should spell out numbers, rather than type the number itself. Perhaps you already knew that and it was a typo, but I thought I'd point it out.

I loved this story, and I hope to get a chance to read more of your work!
Byakuya Sama Kuchiki Ru chapter 1 . 9/8/2008

I felt like that too. AW... Anyways, work hard! Go for it! Nyways, I worst part was Aural! The examiner looked horrified when i finished singing... Sigh!
l3g3nd chapter 1 . 7/31/2008
Hey! It's been some time, huh? And where's the update for your other story? Gah, I cannot believe that you didn't update for eternity! *takes chainsaw out*

Anyway, this is a nice piece of work. I think you did a great job by using second person perspective in writing this story. The descriptions are light, but at the same time, invokes a lot of emotions, showing how the main characters getting more and more nervous until he/she screws everything up.

Good job overall.

Well, I should stop here. Happy writing yeah~