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DarkAngel830 chapter 27 . 8/3/2011
It's a good story at first I thought it was a rip of from twilight but after reading it I realized that it's not! It's actually very original
vryunique chapter 27 . 7/21/2009
hail the heartbreakers chapter 27 . 7/20/2009
Lucien is adorable!
soaring glass chapter 1 . 7/7/2009
This story belongs on fanfictiondotnet. And please add a disclaimer. This site is for original stories which spring from original ideas/plotlines/characters.
ladydragon93 chapter 1 . 7/3/2009
go put this on fanfiction.
Rydia Dragon chapter 1 . 6/30/2009
I am pretty sure if you even attempted to make this a real story, you would be sued.

And, if you DO make a sequal to this, and it's called "New Moon", I will seriously mollywop you.
Naomi Chick chapter 27 . 6/30/2009
Wow! A perfect ending with Mason and Belle kissing. I enjoy reading the story.
bela13 chapter 27 . 6/29/2009
congrates on finnishing this i enjoyed reading it
SNOWBITCH2 chapter 27 . 6/29/2009
OMG IM SO CRYING RIGHT NOW omg im so sad i loved ur work why i cant live with out this it was so beutiful n funny n sweet ur themost awsomest writer for twilight i loved it i hoped that u would carry the role of my favorite vampire romance story writer for n u WON IT ! thnx i wish u good luck n good helth i must say u wur my favoritest thnx love ya g2g ttyl [; -VAMPIRE ROMANCE OBSESSER
ishani acuinatum.ashley chapter 27 . 6/29/2009
just the perfect ending...couldnt have been better...I cant say how glad i m to finally find mason kissing belle... :D

i'll definitely watch out for more of your stories.



SNOWBITCH2 chapter 26 . 6/28/2009
omg omg omg omg OMG ! ur story is so insperational to me i love it its so sweet n mysteries n hot n vampires n werwolf n gost i love all of them its so me i love the heartfelt stuff n the band stuff i love music n i love ur story its all of wat i consist of i love it all g2g ttyl but all i have to say is keep up the great work ur doing a splended job i love it to the death bed i love urt work so much ur an inspiration pleaz keep updating i love ya n g2g but keep up the splended job ttyl good luck n good health g2g ttyl love ya [;- VAMPIRE ROMANCE OBSESSER
colours and carousels chapter 1 . 6/28/2009
Well, would you look at that. Here's a story called Twilight about a girl named Belle who falls in love with an extraordinarily good-looking boy who turns out to be a vampire. Gee, where have I heard that before?

Um, let's see... in a story called Twilight about a girl named Bella who falls in love with an extraordinarily good-looking boy who turns out to be a vampire.

Plus there's the whole love-at-first-sight concept, the fact that Belle is portrayed as plain and lesser to the other girls, and that Dave drools over her the way a great many boys in Stephenie Meyer's Twilight drool over Bella. Not to mention the fact that she's going to go and stalk Mason, the same way Edward stalks Bella, which was just plain creepy.

I suggest that you change both the title, the name of the band and the main character's name if you don't want people to keep making this connection. True, stories about girls who fall in love with vampires are not uncommon, but giving them such well-known names is just asking for trouble.

And by the way (I'm surprised no one else has picked up on this) the first line of the first chapter is repeated twice. Is this a mistake, or are you just really trying to get get across the fact that Belle gave that final exuberant strum on her guitar?
Harriet Usher chapter 1 . 6/28/2009
... ugh.

Look, if you wanted to write a story based on Twilight, there happens to be a site called fanfictionDOTnet that you can post it on. Your main character is called Belle (a rip-off of Bella) and you have a band called Twilight with a mysterious hot singer who I'm expecting to turn out to be a vampire.

If you want to write fanfiction, go to fanfiction. But don't try to steal ideas from a book series you like and pass it off as your own work. If you're really desperate to write this story, change the girl's name, change the name of the band, and if your vampires are similiar to Meyer's, change them immediately.

You are aware if you sent this to a publisher, they wouldn't touch it with a ten foot barge pole unless you agreed to change all the names and probably some elements of the story?

Also, using the word 'cool' is fine if it's within a character's speech, but to use it in the narrative points to a juvenile, and comes across as unprofessional. Change it.

- HUsher
peacelovesun chapter 26 . 6/27/2009
Wow... intense and amazing! If she dies they r all gonna b messed up. Mason better turn her into a vampire. Plz update as soon as you possibly can cause it was amazing and I need to find out what happens!
Naomi Chick chapter 26 . 6/27/2009
A sad ending. Oh, I hope Belle going to be okay. She can't died just like that.
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