Reviews for A Quiet Ode
Coneyisland-Girl chapter 1 . 8/28/2008
ok so this poem is cute. language is at a high level. You go from somewhat abstract and kind of formal to simpler syntax..and then your last 2 stanza resembles a hallmark card... they dont really continue the same tone as before.. which is the right idea i think because the content is struggling with how to respond to this. the way i see this poem is theres a friend comforting the friend. and the friend (voice of the poem) is saying i know things are hard and its a struggle but it will be alright. im here and you can always ask for help. and then theres the line about the garbage and i imagine the upset friend laughing through tears and shaky breaths a bit... once they finally start to calm down. anyways thats the truth and thats all i can say haha.
PSYCNese chapter 1 . 8/8/2008
That was totally sweet. I know a few people that would love reading this. And when and why did you taste garbage? lol
The Wandering Musician chapter 1 . 8/4/2008
I wouldn't call this particularly humorous (except for the last part about garbage, but I wasn't sure if that was actually part of the poem), but I did like it. The part about the fear of death seemed a little out of place because nothing around it had anything to do with that, and it didn't seem to tie in to what the rest of the poem was about.

In the first line of the fourth stanza, you used "your" instead of "you're," but that is just a simple mistake that you probably read right over when you proofread the poem.

The last stanza was very sweet and touching. I liked it a lot. Great job on the whole thing!

~Daughter of the Faeries