Reviews for The Golden Scepter
FirstBloom13 chapter 4 . 8/6/2008
I've never done a multi-chap before, and I'm not sure if I'm supposed to do a review for each chappie or one overall... just pm me if I did it wrong. :)

also, fantasy isn't really my thing, so I'm not the most experienced person in the world.

Good: I liked the dialogue, because it was very clear and helped make the story a lot more believable.

Bad: I got the vibe you wrote it very quickly, on a roll. because of that, there were lots of little grammar and spelling mistakes, like putting a period after a question mark and spelling Kea Kae.

as well, (this happens with a lot of fantasy,) the characters felt kind of unfeeling and "stock-character" ish. give them more unique personality traits and it would make the story a whole lot better.
Master Judgment chapter 2 . 8/5/2008
Review Game!

I liked: your in depth descriptions of Orloh and Traen, the dialogue between the characters, and your gradual build up of supsense because those elements of your story kept me hooked to your story. Your opening line also got me hooked. The story was extremely captivating.

I didn't like