Reviews for Free Writes
Seint chapter 1 . 8/10/2008
Lots of big words to make it look pretty, but really I see nothing to be excited about. It really looks like something you through together with no effort at all when you were bored one day like you said, which honestly dumbfounds me as to why your last reviewer gave you such praise. What was the point behind this supposed to be other than making yourself sound like Alighieri?

Actually I think I'll take that back, this isn't as good as Dante, Dante's works actually had a purpose and were more than a random tirade about angsty gothic subjects.

I honestly wish I could give you some sort of advice as to how to improve this, but due to the lack of effort and complete absence of structure and meaning to this piece there's nothing I can contribute other than my confusion about why at least one person thought it was good.
Zoey McCusker chapter 1 . 8/9/2008
Wow! Can u write or can u write? You definitely know your way around words! It was very dramatic and very well blended.

But, I must say that it was very confusing and the theme seemed very pointless. What were you trying to say?

You're a good writer but I know you can do better with what you write.