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MaskedNightingale chapter 47 . 6/16/2009
Loved that ending, absolutely beautiful. And I feel like nothing is left out, like I usually do (well except for Olivia I hope she found someone that would lover her in return). Well done I say. Try publishing it, you may never know. You might get 100,0 or more readers instead of simply about 100 (at least those that reviewed). Definitly one of my favs.
Clearlysane chapter 21 . 6/16/2009
I'm so sorry I missed the first 20 chapters of this story! I would have like to read how Camilla and the Master were thrown together. -sob- I always miss the good ones!

Anyhoo, even though I only started with this chapter, it hooked me. The Master seems like a very enigmatic character, as if he's usually very surly, but is just now opening up. And is why are they trapped in the castle? What did the Master do? I'm definitely going to read as much as I can before this is taken down! Very interesting!
Starrgal18 chapter 47 . 6/13/2009
I LOVE IT! This is one of the best stories ever! You should be proud of yourself!
Starrgal18 chapter 46 . 6/10/2009
Awesome Chapters! Yeah for Roan, and Boo for Charlie. Please Update soon!
Winter Solace chapter 1 . 6/8/2009
Your style of writing is really good... it's subtle yet intriguing at the same time!

In terms of pace, the beginning starts off a bit slow, but the forward parts of your story are just excellent.
Alice Novak chapter 44 . 6/8/2009
O.M.G. *shocked* That is soo not how I imagined it to be...

okie, maybe it was.. but the fighting scene is kinda vague..

Its' good tho! Well done!
Starrgal18 chapter 44 . 6/8/2009
MaskedNightingale chapter 42 . 6/8/2009
I've finally caught up with all the chapters and I'm truly glad that I did. I was smiling and nearly crying throughout this chapter, especially that ending. She needs to get to him quickly. Please update soon. I know you just did, thank you, but please do so again.

Your fellow authoress,

Starrgal18 chapter 42 . 6/8/2009
AH! That was really good! Please, please, please update soon!
dblack50 chapter 42 . 6/7/2009
I'm so glad you are updating frequently! I have really fallen in love with this story. It's written in a believable way, and although I know the story itself, I still find myself wondering what will happen next.
A friend chapter 42 . 6/7/2009
YES! Finally! Rose! Go find him, you big stupidhead! Go on! Go!
Alice Novak chapter 42 . 6/6/2009
Oh! His name is Roan!

*My eyes lit. Rereading the last few paragraphs of the page, my lips turned into a vague smile.*

I can't wait for moore! but the cliffhanger... grr..
Alice Novak chapter 40 . 6/5/2009
wahh! This is becoming soo mysterious!

lol :D

You're a great writer plus you update so quickly!

Love the story!

Continue writing!
A friend chapter 40 . 6/5/2009
Aww! Update soon! I love this story! I want Rose to go back to Master soon!
sonyasah chapter 40 . 6/5/2009

..Thats all i have to say.
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