Reviews for Flight of the Headless Chicken
Selarose chapter 1 . 8/15/2008
"She blew useless air into her mouthpiece, producing the mating call of a one-eyed, midget-winged, stubby-legged duck, as she flopped back into her chair."

LOL. I love that, especially since I play (or used to play anyway) a wind yeah, I know what's like to blow "useless air." XD

“Are you stereotyping my instrument, bud?” “No, I’m just saying if you can’t play it, you suck.” “Watch it! I’m second chair!” “Then you suck.”

Hahaha! This piece is hilarious. I love it! If I tried to point out all the parts that had me cracking up, I'd have to copy&paste almost the whole thing! lol But one more: "Walk of the Masticated Cow." 'Nough said. XD

One part that kind of confused me: "Jennifer came out of the practice room located behind the percussion section moping sweat from her forehead from just having finished a hardcore run through of her IMEA scales." It's run-on-y, or at least a little confusing. The room is located behind the percussion section? And the second 'from' (and everything that goes with it) is supposed to modify sweat, no? But it doesn't really do that how it's written. Maybe something like "...moping the sweat on her forehead that had formed as a result of a hardcore run-through of her IMEA scales" would work a little better.

Anyways, though, I really enjoyed this. It had me laughing like crazy. Nicely done.

~ Selarose, bartender at the Roadhouse
heart shaped box x3 chapter 1 . 8/15/2008
This piece simply had me at 'Band Geek.' It was a nice simple piece that was a lovely quick read. Though when you said 'Moping' I'm sure you meant mopping. I liked your word choices once again simple, but in a very good way. The only thing I would critique would be to put in some more details. But, I wind up telling everyone that. x Extra brownie points for briefly adding in the percussion section.

-Drea {heart shaped box}
Waking Adrienne chapter 1 . 8/13/2008

I really like this. very awesome dialogue... realistic.
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