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violet-eyez chapter 55 . 1/9/2011
you should try to get it published, by far this is the best werewolf story there is. Like you said the other ones always have vamps or show were's as mindless animals, you give them depth, emotions, flaws and a chance of redemption. Personally I like Kire the way how whatever he does in his own twisted way is to protect uriel from himself. Nick how he starts off trying to save vesper and finds aa tentative friendship with kire. Derrick and his past is intriguing how he ended up killing his own mate...that would be a good story to tell. Can't wait to read the sequel and see what repercussions they caused by killing the hunters and if the Four are going to come from germany to get uriel. Also the prequel should be interesting to see what horrors uriel did to survive.
Midnight113 chapter 54 . 1/9/2011
I can't begin to tell you how epic that ending was to this part of the story. I mean, I was so happy when Uriel showed up at the end and all thanks to Nick. Who would have thought? Good man. I'm so happy he made it out alive, it was a perfect ending. I'm glad you didn't kill him off. I'm a little sad Kire didn't make it actually, I wouldn't mind reading more about him sometime in the future either.

Which brings me to the sequels and prequels you have planned, YES! I was beyond ecstatic to read all the stories you have planned. Gosh, that made my day. I would hate for this journey to end. I mean, this part of it had to of course but there is still so much more about this world that I want to know. Oh and Uriel's past, I would love to read that.

This story was incredible, your writing is sublime and detailed and superb. I'm going to miss this but I will anxiously be looking out for more from you in the future, that's for sure. This is by far one of the greatest supernatural werewolf fics of read on this site and I think that's because of the balance between the elements. You made it feel like it was a real, the characters and the plot while at the same time, capturing the social aspect of wolves and their pack life which I adored. That closing sentence on the story, was beautiful. All I can say is... well, well done! You rock!
Falling Envy chapter 55 . 1/9/2011
wow...I can't believe its over. I've never left a review before but I have been reading this for a year now, and it is one of my most favorite. I'm kinda sad its over but i loved how you ended and I'm glad you decided to not kill Uriel. )
xInkMusique chapter 55 . 1/7/2011
This is my first time reviewing since I didn't have much to say before :] but I really enjoyed The House Of Wolves and I'll miss it. Would you like me to help you CC? I'm betaing for She Had Somewhere To Go. and a story for Sacrebleu right now too. I'm not the best at it, but I think I'm pretty good at it :) oh and I barely know German (aka I know like 3 random words) so I don't think I'll be able to help with that. Unless you dont mind me wordreferencing everything :P

I love what you said about Vesper. I don't think I ever hated her, and I especially love that she didn't fall for Uriel immediately and she retained her personality throughout. I actually liked the first 20 chapters. The pacing felt right, she didn't fall for him immediately, etc etc. One thing I didn't really get was whether this story was focusing on the Uriel-Kire storyline, the Uriel-Vesper-Nick lovetriangle, the Uriel-Vesper-Derrick storyline, or the Werewolves-Hunter battle. If you are trying to keep everything, I'd suggest you cut this in half between a battle with Uriel-Kire and the hunter storyline. If you are going to axe one of them though, I'd suggest you axe the Hunter part. You focused a lot on Nick, but because I don't see that you want to continue his storyline, I'm guessing he shouldn't have as much as a focus as he did. Also in the rewrite, maybe try to stick with one POV at a time? While all the switching around did give us a lot of good info, at the same time it detracts from having Vesper as the main character and not many can pull it off. I liked the arena scene for the angst it made afterwards, but I did find it a bit forgettable after a while, but then again I have a bad memory so that could just be me :) I don't think Nick's issues with the hunters and the hunter-werewolf war should be that big either, because the story sets up to make werewolves the focus and then the hunters butt in half-way. I think I'd be more open to it if we focus on the hunters earlier on though. Another reason would be the fact that most of your sequels focus more on Uriel and less on the hunters. I didn't very much like Cameron. Like I said, its been a while since I've read this (I'll most likely go reread it right now :P) but I totally forgot about Cameron, just remembered that there was someone controlling Kire. I can kind of see his necessity as a character, making sure that we think that Kire isn't that bad and to eventually lead the hunters to their doom, but I think it might be more epic to elevate Kire to Big Baddie and have Cameron take on a lesser role. But that's just my opinion :] I do think the pacing's out of whack in some places but I'm not very good at helping with that. I think it gets a lot slower after the first third of the book, but again I suck at determining pacing..

Wow rhats just a big block of text.. and its kind of everywhere. Heh, sorry. Are you planning to cut a lot of this or separate it into 2-3 books? Kind of like Tamora Pierce who has a lot of quartets of the same characters/world, focusing on different stories in each quartet? Cuz I do believe with a lot of editing it can be published :] but yeah, I'm hoping you'll accept :D chapter 11 . 1/7/2011
This is actually for chapter 12:

I dunno how, but I totally missed the whole thing where you explained the pull he felt. He had thought it was Lucien, but it was her. I thought that he came back because of some sort of misplaced nostalgia, that he'd felt something for her even when she was a child. I thought he came back specifically for her, the whole time.

That's why I didn't quite understand his words in the last chapter, how it's always been her, how he'd always been pulled to her.

I missed such a big part. It's probably my own fault, but maybe you should explain that a bit more at the beginning?

He kept saying that he *had* to come back, but I never really understood that he was pulled there by a presence, dominance, instinct or whatever.

That's pretty important and I totally missed it. I can't believe I missed that! chapter 10 . 1/7/2011
Can you believe I only just now noticed that the chapters were named after songs? took me, what? Around two years? Facepalm.

Love the table manners :) The order of eating is... oddly enticing.

Plus, the quip "and a gun to put it in, I hope", was pure spunk :)

Don't have much else to say - though, in retrospect, I think that the thing with threatening your mate should have been emphasized with more horror. And maybe explaining why him Running for her is such a mockery (to her, she obviously has a bit different standards) in the first place.

She expressed that she would abide by her duty for Richard, if she were his mate. Be his chip to climbing the hierarchy. Why does she feel different about Uriel?

Anyway, I don't think anything is *wrong* with these chapters, anything at all - I'm just over analizing and suggesting in case you want to go in depth and detail with everything while you edit.

After a few chapters, I won't be able to review anymore because of that one review per chapter rule. Anyway.

Hope the re-reading is at least a bit helpful. chapter 9 . 1/7/2011
I'm here. :)

I started rereading everything. I'm trying to be quick so I'm not really thorough.

All in all - the quality of writing is different than in the ending. It's still great compared to, eh, most other writers on FP (in my opinion), but in comparison to the last chapters, it's... incomparable :)

Anyway, I didn't find anything that I felt the need to comment on, till now. This is the first thing that really caught my eye.

While Vesper, um, dramatically explains her need to get her thoughts out there (practically every hour of every day, usually at very high volumes :]) it becomes apparent that Uriel physically retaliates.

After everyting, I find that hard to imagine. He's so much stronger and so much more intimidating than somebody who needs to stoop to physical violence. I think he, himself, would think it's beneath him. It's a 'hell yeah' to see his temper, he grows much milder later, that's part of his growth, so I'd love to see his wilderness at the beginning.

Anyway, even if he did cause her sore shoulders, bruises or any other sort of violence, it should be described in more detail.

She also mentiones the questionable unhappiness about what he had done, which is a bit more believable, but I still think it needs extending.

It could also make for a good basis for some kind of chemistry. Corosive, explosive, hateful, anything. What I think was also a bit lacking (in comparison to later parts, though, since I haven't strictly re-read those parts yet, I'm not sure) in the beginning was more interaction between them - something that would give her a basis for running away, and also realizing just how wrong about him she was.

What I remember is that he was trying to avoid her, and though it makes sense in a chaotic way, it also drags the progress.

You know that "show, don't tell" rule? I think it would work better with avoidance, than with actual encounters, screaming matches, whatever.

It's easier to imagine them ignoring each other, than the way they actually interact.

I'm not sure I'm making any sense, and I'm not sure I remember right - but anyway.

Just a thought.

And yeah. :) Vesper has grown. It's great, it's amazing, I just love when people put her down in the first chapters :)

Even Ephraim, the omega, had to say something. SUCK ON THAT. HAhaha :)

smurf-love chapter 55 . 1/6/2011
wow that was so intense. i cant believe its over i almost makes me alittle sad but i love this story, you should publish it... it brought me great pleasure to read this and i know that if i ever see it in book form i would buy it...

good luck with anything you do in the future
Lovely Ace chapter 55 . 1/6/2011
Don't change a thing. Loved it exactly how it was with all of the first twenty chapters exactly how they were. Your character, their relationships and the plot moved at a pace where I thought it was very realistic and well done. My favourite part hm...the night before the big pack battle thing. It was angsty and lovely! I'm also excited to hear about the sequels!
Sakiru Yume chapter 54 . 1/6/2011
Wow, this was a long chapter. It just kept on going. I really liked it, and I really liked the way that it ended, but I think it would have had a bit more power if it had been split into two chapters, because it got a little frustrating to keep on finding more and more page breaks. It was good, though. I really liked the story. chapter 55 . 1/6/2011
Well... :)

You did it. I can't believe it's over.

I'M having an 'oh my god' moment, I can't even imagine how you must be feeling then.

I don't even know what to say. This story exceeded all my expectations, hands down. It's not just..: I don't know - FP? I think it's a place where potentially good/great writers come to explore the possibilities. Nothing about your writing is "potential", it's already there. And then you keep improving.

I really love it.

I'm gonna get back at the story. Possibly re-read it really quickly. At least comment on the last chapter, but right now I'm just... Satisfied. That's definitely a good thing about endings. There are more things I'd like to know. Like, the whole situation with Nick, and the repercussions (something about the way you write things makes me drool at the thought of reading more) about everything. But you know the feeling when you finish a great book and the ending just sits well and there's not much you can say?

I'm totally there.

If there weren't a sequel, I'd be a bit more itchy and curious, but this way I'm totally sated hahaha :)

I would love to help with... er, anything about this book :) Story. Whatever. You know?

I'm shite at German (9 years of studying and I'm still confounded by some basics) and I'm likely to think anything you write is the shit, but I do like to think I'm occassionally capable of constructive criticism. I'm obviously really good at fawning over the story.

...I'm SO not advertising myself right, but eh, eh. What you see is what you get. :)

Anyway. I have an onslaught of questions, but I'll try to tone it down. :O

How many PAGES is the entire thing?

Did you start with Vesper and an involuntary love story or did you know from the start the complexities? (Like Nick and everything we don't even know about him yet, Kire, the curse, etc)

I am so curious about what you read. What are your favorite books?

Anyway. I'm all over the place. :)

But I really loved this story. It was amazing and inspiring and a lot of other words that would make me seem fan-girlish. I'm really glad that you shared it with us. Thanks.

And, yeah. I would love to see more of your writing.

Oh, and, are you considering publishing?
crissy19 chapter 54 . 1/6/2011
I just fell so bad for nick...

Im happy to know there will be another book in the house of wolves. At first i didnt know what was

goona happened, it was so emotional. Cant wait til the next book..
gert chapter 54 . 1/6/2011
From the start of this chapter's name and the lyrics from the song I knew this was going to be an emotional chapter. Everything Vesper was feeling, going through trying to save Uriel in the warehouse. Fighting with her brother to not leave. Uriel telling her to leave, it was heart wrenching.

I read this chapter at work and I balled. I couldn't stop reading and couldn't stop the tears from falling. I did think you killed off both brothers. I was so happy when the doc, Nick and Ahren showed up to help Uriel.

Well I am rambling,I love this story and you are a great writer. I will be waiting for your next installments. Great work!
daydee chapter 55 . 1/6/2011
loved the way you ended it. it seemed almost like it wasn't going to be a happy ending, but you added the twist. and I love that there are more coming along. I don't think i'm quite yet ready to give up Uriel and Vesper.

Trickster707 chapter 55 . 1/6/2011
Oh My! I can't believe it's over!You made me cry you know that?

Damn! By far the best werewolf story I have ever read and I thing it's going to stay on top for a long long long time!

I'm exited about the sequel, it should be very interesting to explore Uriel's past and I am very glad you didn't kill him!

My favorite character has to be Lucien, I love this guy and I am very glad he stayed alive as well!My favorite chapter is now a ty between The Grudge and Silent Lucidity!

Thank you so much for sharing this story!
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