Reviews for House of Wolves
marijee chapter 31 . 4/14/2011
Kire is driven to protect Vee. Kaia was an interesting character. I can understand a little more about Kire and Uriel's relationship. Both brothers, both Alpha's. I wonder if that happens often? Kire was older and tried to dominate Uriel and Kaia caused a bigger rift. LOL! So will Derrick disobey Uriel and come to find him? Or will he die of silver poisoning? Enjoying.
marijee chapter 30 . 4/14/2011
Why does Uriel say they will talk soon? What has to be in place before he talks to Vee? Vee is frustrated because she feels Uriel is using her and she can't say no. I thik they both are drawn to each other, but they still fight demons. They do love each other.

I liked the scene with Richard. He is right. Vee needs to be stronger. He says she use to be and she needs to be again. She is the Alpha female and needs to be strong. I think she was being the Alpha by going to Richard, hanging out and reconnecting with him and Wyatt. She felt accepted.

So what is Nick going to do? Betray his friend? He is trying to convince himself that Vee is not anything to him. Will it happen now that he knows Vee is Uriel's? Did Nick see a resemblence between Kire and Uriel? Is that why he seemed to recognize him? Enjoying.
marijee chapter 29 . 4/14/2011
Kire is Uriel's brother. I am guessing non of the original pack know except for Lucien? Quite the secret. So does Kire desire Vee? Is that why he was at the Run? Or was he there to taunt his brother? Why do Kire and Uriel hate each other...well other than the obvious that Kire killed Vee's parents. Uriel has no hope does he? No matter what he feels he's going to die soon...and probably take Vee with him. Sigh.
marijee chapter 28 . 4/14/2011
Kire almost seems to be an work with a Hunter. To help a Hunter kill his own kind. What sort of game is Kire playing? Does he really think that once he rids the world of unwanted wolves that he will be the master of the rest? Is he that greedy? Or is he biding his time getting to know the enemy? Very intriguing. Nick is like Vee and Uriel. He has a broken past, his family torn from him. He is also rather foolish thinking he could stay out of this evil world. I wonder what will become of them all? Enjoying.
marijee chapter 27 . 4/14/2011
I wish Vee would believe she is a lot stronger than she thinks. She has so much power over the pack...she just has to believe in herself. Though her talk didn't go as planned with Carrie, I think it really made her think about things. Vee gave Kevin good advice and I think it made her decide what she needed to do about Uriel. She even told Derrick she would do what she could to protect Uriel. I was so excited to see Vee staying strong and telling Uriel she wanted him. Finally, I think they finding some happiness. At least for a moment. Enjoying.
marijee chapter 26 . 4/14/2011
"I saw him test the air, taking in my scent. After a moment his eyes snapped open and he looked down, directly at me. The intense look in his eyes was lost on me, but I smiled anyway. Very slowly, and with the confidence of an alpha's daughter, I clambered up onto his lap, fixing a solemn expression on my face. And I was the first to welcome Uriel into my father's pack, with the naiveté of a child." I loved this! Their connection started right then...and it haunted Uriel the rest of his life.

So Emil and Magritte think Uriel loves Vee...but she doesn't believe least that's what she says. I hope that Vee doesn't break him any more than he is too.

I am guessing Carrie flirted with Derrick, like she flirted with Uriel? I wonder what happened. Derrick killed his mate? Is that why Uriel kept him hidden and is that why there's so many wolves after him? Enjoying.
marijee chapter 25 . 4/14/2011
I hope Aunt Magritte is seeing good things for Uriel and Vesper, they certainly need any happiness they can get. I keep hoping!

I think you have created a very interesting world with these wolves. Uriel seems to be such a dangerous and brooding creature...well all the Alpha's do to some extent. We don't know too much about Kire, but he seems malicious and Persophone seems the same way...though Uriel really took her down. Emil, almost seems odd because he is Uriel's friend. But I know their pack comes first and Emil did not offer to help against Kire.

We knew that Kire had did Uriel find out? Enjoying.
marijee chapter 24 . 4/14/2011
Suspense! What a bitch Persephone is. I think she may try to take Uriel, but I am not sure he will have her...though if he thinks that Vee is leaving him for another man? Who knows! I liked Emil. So did Nick not show up because of what he was told? That Vee was a wolf? What does Uriel think about Vee's disapearance? I liked this chapter a lot! It made me excited and nervous about all the circumstances surrounding Vee. She wants Uriel now...will he want her? Enjoying.
marijee chapter 23 . 4/14/2011
Vee is starting to open her eyes to what is around her. People that do care for her...that want her there. I liked the talk with Masen. It always seems there's not enough time...the sands shift and the moment is over. Vee almost felt she could unburdan herself to Masen. Maybe there will be a time she can unburden herself to Uriel. Vee sees now his pain...more than just physical pain. He won't sleep while the pack is gone. Uriel will protect Vee. What are the dangers out there? I guess we know Kire, the Nick still looking for Vee? Enjoying.
marijee chapter 22 . 4/14/2011
Why is Kire working with the Hunters? Why did he leave Uriel alive? Was Kire really going to kill Vee? I am trying to understand the politics of these packs...not sure if I'm there yet!

Loved the fight scene! That was amazing when Vee broke her ankle to try to get away from Kire and then when she smacked him with the branch.

I am glad that Uriel took Vesper to the grave site, even if it put them both in danger. Vee blamed her father for not doing what he said he them. He abandoned Vee in his death. I can understand those feelings. But I also think Vee needs to get over them too. I think Uriel surprised her by defending her with his life. It made an did his touch. But then he leaves...sigh! Enjoying.
marijee chapter 21 . 4/14/2011
Small world isn't it? Nick's father is a hunter and knows Kire. Nick's mother and sisters were killed by Vee's family and so they killed hers. Somehow it doesn't all add up. I wonder who it was that was responsible for Nick's mother and sisters death? Did that wolf die...don't tell me it's Uriel? Love this twist you put in here! So is Nick going to back down or not? Enjoying.
marijee chapter 20 . 4/14/2011
Vee just doesn't see how important to the pack she is. How important to Uriel she is. Damn...I wish they would talk. I would be confused too.
marijee chapter 19 . 4/14/2011
I liked the tension of the chapter and Vee's frantic attempt to escape Uriel. I wonder how Cassandra knows of Uriel and the past she won't share with her mate? I hope that Vee and Uriel talk...but it doesn't look good right now! Enjoying.
marijee chapter 18 . 4/14/2011
So I wonder who those wolves were? Do they know where Vesper is? Carrie is right...Vee is selfish. Vee has hurt the pack and hurt herself. When will she realize it? Uriel...such a guy, he should have told Vee how he felt. It seems as though Vee is too stubborn and Uriel just won't talk. Sigh!
marijee chapter 17 . 4/14/2011
I think Nick was disapointed that Vesper just wanted to be friends...but he covered it up well. So has Uriel found Vesper, or Carrie? I wonder who the woman is? Enjoying.
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