Reviews for Always Falling
Raven-Kyrie-Yuna chapter 1 . 11/9/2009
Woah! It's so descriptive and emotional! (Have I said this to you before?) You can really get an image of what's happening. Great story!
XxTheFallenWarriorxX chapter 1 . 9/6/2008
That was great!
sacredstorm chapter 1 . 8/30/2008
This is so good! Great writing, amazing description. I really like it. Sorry if this isn't really constructive, but I'm sorta sleepy right now and I sincerely can't find anything to criticize. But then, my sister can't either and she's wide awake...
emmadotlouise chapter 1 . 8/30/2008
You're right, this is sad, really, really sad, but we can all relate to feeling this way at some point in our lives. Your words evoked my memory of feeling this way, which is great - it means your audience is able to relate to the way your narrator is feeling and you nailed sadness right on the head.

This is what I love about first person stories, you see so much more personality in them and it's easier to feel like you're being told a story, rather than having events thrown at you - but anyway, very well done.

And I hope you're not falling, or if you are, that there's someone there to catch you, because we all need someone to catch us sometimes, even if we think we don't.
Colin Joseph chapter 1 . 8/30/2008
Give your protagonist a good kick up the backside in Chapter 2 from someone will you?

"Me, me, poor little old me."

Get a life, you.

Get a hobby.

Turn off your computer, get outdoors, and live!

Stop yer whining.

Stop yer moping.

You don't know how lucky you are.