Reviews for Usedtobe Fairytales
cetus.nightmare chapter 1 . 12/11/2008
...And somehow this particular one reminds me of what I did not do, the last time.

Keep it up, keep going. (Perhaps I shouldn't have said keep it up. Perhaps I should have. I curse my innuendo-filled mind at times.)

I do, do, do, admire your work so truly, and deeply. Imagery, I care not. It is good, of course. I wouldn't review it if it wasn't. Emotion, I care not. The best poetry - of which yours is rather varied in skill and in type - is full of it. This particular poem is very, very full. To the brim, spilling over. Beauty, cynicism. Dark-tint beauty - same thing. But, ah, what was I saying? Imagery, emotion, skill in splitting

the lines, which is, of course, also wondrous.

But yes, and I do hope that you will 'write more', as I have probably said, oft enough - and 'write it quicker'. Except that for you, I do mean both of them.

But ah, where was I? ...Oh, yes. One part that I very, very much like about your writing is that you very, very rarely use the 'key' words in inciting feelings, which shows /what/ a /great/ poet you are.


Okay, I kid. I joke. I make funny ha-has. I is sarcastic. On the other hand - I am glad for it. Maybe this means my own wordcrafting will take an upswing. And for that, lady, ma'am, for that - I will thank you.

'Write more, and write faster.' But only if you are so inspired, hm? Wouldn't want the quality to drop, after all...

Isca chapter 1 . 8/31/2008
The repetition of 'Once upon a time' makes this poem so full of angst. I enjoyed reading it! You have a way with words; you're able to really communicate your emotions to the reader. :)