Reviews for Upping to Date
crack the sky chapter 1 . 8/27/2009
lol, i loved the line "we had nothing in common but gayness and saxophones which are arguably the same thing" or... well, something like that, too lazy to scroll up and find it. anyways, i loved this :D
nonaccount chapter 1 . 10/14/2008
It's amusing how apathetic everyone tries to be but fails miserably at it because they care too much and are trying too hard. "Anyway, I figured it could wait until the morning, and we could at least make out before I broke up with him. I owed it to both of us." Greg is so droll, I love it. Great last sentence too.
Feel The Waltz chapter 1 . 9/16/2008
This is brilliant :D
Freak-of-Spade chapter 1 . 9/2/2008
Ek ohmygosh ohmygosh that’s SO FRIGGIN GOOD!

I don’t even know why you haven’t uploaded anything else because you have an amazing writing style that is just so smart and witty and fun to read! (talking of which, would you potentially be interested in cowriting something with me? I LOVE your style and would love to write something with you! Get back to me if the idea tickles your pickles, kay?)

You have some precious oneliners in there. They’re such a hard thing to achieve, and you just COME UP with them. Urgh, this sucks. This is like a huge blow to my fragile author ego XD

Here’s my fave: “And what kind of name is praline, anyway? It sounds like a turn of the century racist southern belle.” MAJOR LULZ ALL AROUND.


Incidentally, Jimmy is HOT.


Meh, I told myself I wouldn’t read this bit and wait for you to submit the whole thing. The challenge is a oneshot challenge, so you’ll have to make sure to submit it as a single document or a single-chapter FP story, because I told other people it was a ONESHOT thing. But feel free to make it as long as you wish. Just bear in mind you have just twenty days to come up with a complete version. So far, though, you’re doing GREAT.

So I probably won’t review whatever you put up next (because I feel like I’m giving you unfair advantage, even though you kinda deserve it XD)

Keep going, because you’re ON FIRE. I’m REALLY happy you felt inspired by my challenge, I guess that was the whole point. I love these kind of challenges so I thought I’d come up with one for you guys. Enjoy writing (at least half as much as I enjoy reading)

Myriads of tiny little kisses on your cheekbones and neck from

The FreaK