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Guest chapter 20 . 2/26/2013
y'know, you could also add Conspiracy to Commit Murder to the list of charges...
Sarah chapter 27 . 9/18/2010
Where did you go? I loved reading your well written stories. Can we expect more?
PDXWiz chapter 27 . 2/13/2010
As things wind down to an end, I think back on this story and wonder again at how apropos the title was: Princesses Anna-Laura, Stina, Gabby, Magga, Adriana and Susanna all found themselves in the position of being in the title role at some time or other during this story. Wow! You certainly got great mileage out of it!

Excellent revelation of the deep explorations of Magga and her discoveries about herself and of Gudrun.

Wonderful how all of the youngsters have taken to Erika and Annika, and vice versa. :)

Wow! Great points from everyone, and especially Liselotta's revelations! Awesome!

YAY! SHE CAME OUT! (tears of happiness stream down my cheeks)

Whoa...Gudrun called and is visiting? YES! And she even came out!

YES! SHE SAID YES! Wow amazing awesome they will get married!

more tears yay yahoo

Incredible scored and got better as a writer...thanks for finally connecting, really connecting, Magga and Gudrun... :)

jtbwriter chapter 27 . 2/12/2010
Thank you-for love eternal, love hopeful, and love that heals! And for a family, royal or not, that believes in all three kinds of love! Thank you for a true "happily ever after!"
Harry2.0 chapter 27 . 2/12/2010
Now THIS is the way to end the story! Weddings all around and no major headaches. And I was happy to help out with the World War II material, since that has always been a area of history that has appealed to me.
PDXWiz chapter 26 . 2/10/2010
Hm. I guess Kristina is having at Kai after all...

Extremely wise, Kristina. Most interesting that she is able to shoot down everything, and I mean, EVERYTHING, he comes up with. Woohoo!

Very wise. You can always make new friends, Annika, but your heart already belongs to Anna-Kristina (as does Erika's).

Yay! Thank you thank you THANK YOU! I'd really believed that Anna-Kristina and Kai are good for each other! Hip hip hooray!

YES! The story of the Söderdahl women WILL be told! Yahooey!

Great! A public ceremony recognizing the heroism of Frejalin and Katja will be awesome. This will, properly, take some of the heat off of the return of Esbjörn and the bad publicity over what Ulf and Arnulf knew and did, and put the spotlight (and very favorably, I might add) on to the Liljefors. Interestingly, they will actually get GOOD press, and more local business. More people will view them favorably, and men will be more interested in the women as women (not being terrified of them, not tryint to use them).

Now, what does Susanna have? She can't be pregnant, after all.

More good tidbits about the war, especially about the Bismarck.

Wonderful descriptions of the setting of the Kunglinga Slottet and the pounding of the surf at the base of the cliffs the castle is set upon. I could really visualize it, and remember hearing a similar roar along the Oregon Coast.

Hehehe...silly ram. Mess with the family and you become mutton!

Nice comparisons of national days.

I love the phrase about the Germans not being able to pack up England in Hitler's hope chest! Wonderful turn of phrase there! But especially in regards to the huge amount of hope the British had after sinking the Bismarck. Any positive signs would be greeted hugely at this point in the war.

Yeah, it's a big deal emotionally to see Germany sweep almost everything up around Europe, near and far, and it's enough to worry about your own homeland, Susanna. the seeds, Susanna!

Yup, going after Russia, big mistake.

Migosh! Miscarriage! I was right! Holy Toledo!

Wow...he...Ulf really loved her? Wow? That might explain in part why he didn't want Christian...because she could have died. Hmm...

A lost girl...I'm sorry...

Yes! She loves him! Weird, and weird that I am happy for them bot, because of my dislike for him. But still... wow.

Good name(s) for the little lost girl.

Hm...the ceremony. Finally! The Söderdahls get the richly deserved recognition long denied them. :)

I can't believe Katja is in her seventies... all the going back and forth, and I merely pictured her in her 40s...

Yeah. A sister for Anna-Laura. Poor girl, surrounded by boys, maybe including a nice version of Arnulf. On the other hand, she might have been born-but died not long after.

Oh, yeah! This is the kind of stuff to make Magga think about coming out. After all, in reality, her lesbianism is no worse than the abilities of the Liljefors, and in fact, people will be more respectful of her coming out. Some people would wonder what's up with her, since she's never seriously dated let alone gotten married (unlike both of her sisters who, will soon have...been married twice each).

Excellent chapter, thank you!

jtbwriter chapter 26 . 2/10/2010
I'm speechless-what a world of revelation Anna-Laura's mother opened with those diaries...but I can't get over Kai's daughters-brave and loving and totally belonging to Anna-Kristina-I love it! And the life they seem to give Queen Kristina-like a jolt of energy-thanks for a very rewarding update-more please?:)
Harry2.0 chapter 26 . 2/10/2010
Well, this news about Susanna's pregnancy is something of a shock. But the real news is the fact that the family that was responsible for keeping the nation safe from Germany is FINALLY giving the OK for the news to be released! And Hitler made a MAJOR mistake by going into Russia in the winter. EVEN Napoleon learned that lesson!
PDXWiz chapter 25 . 2/7/2010
It was interesting to have started the chapter after the meeting between Anna-Laura and the clan mothers. I honestly expected you to show the scene, and introduce Katja, our hero. Well, hopefully they will get the chance to publicly acknowledge the Söderdahl ladies' actions to save Lilla Jordsö.

Good observations about Goering as the Battle of Britain heats up.

It makes sense for the British ambassador to want to have his family close at hand during the war, and since there was a 'pledge' by Hitler to not attack Lilla Jordsö, the odds are that they would be safer there than at home. As long as they make it safely to the island...

Nice that so many Jews were able to come into the country and get saved. Hopefully, they will get good starts after the war in the US or Israel.

Oh, yeah, the raid on Coventry. That was one of the things that helped turned the tide of opinion against Germany in the US.

I don't quite understand why Lukas is abandoning the acceptance of Christmas ornaments during the war, unless it is a measure to conserve scarce materials. I hope Anna-Laura follows through with her mother's idea about turning the photos of the old trees into a book. It would do good business, especially at Christmas, among those who remember sending in ornaments when they were younger.

Hehe...better a short and happy well-received radio message at Christmas than a long, gloomy, and boring ill-received one!

A shame about the loss of the New Year's fireworks as well. At least that is one custom Leslie got used to on her father's island that she can experience whenever she is in Lilla Jordsö for the holidays, whilst Christian can experience it if he isn't at home for some reason.

Yay! Scenes with Annika and Erika! I like these girls; thanks for doing something from their perspective. I do so hope things work out so they can convince Kai to marry Anna-Kristina and live happily ever after (or a reasonable facsimile).

Running away from home at eleven and seven? Oh my...

Watching this unfold with the girls is very exciting! Great scene!

Yay! They got to the castle!

Double yay! Natalia is here...well, of course, duh, but I mean she came with kattersprinsessan. I love the scenes with all of the kids in your stories!

Aw, Natalia is so cutey-wutey!

Cool! A Katrina Kattunga episode...yet another thing I wish lived in our reality. Le sigh...

Hehehe...interesting idea of Annika's to have Kristina lay into Kai! But that would probably backfire on everyone...things will be hard enough to deal for Kai to deal with just seeing Anna-Kristina than to have Kristina, perhaps Rudolf and definitely Roald lay into him.

Yes, Kristina very well could be the one to get Kai to see straight...if his own girls don't. Poor guy, he's so publicity shy, he even makes Christian's reactions ordinary.

Good, Kai's there, and appropriately worried about the girls.

Rats! What an ending point! Can't wait to see what, or how, Kai and Anna-Kristina talk... More, please? to emulate Julie...

Awesome chapter again!

Harry2.0 chapter 25 . 2/4/2010
The material on WWII continues to impress me. It really gives one a feel for what was going on at the time. As for the little ones, I LOVED what they did! I may not agree with it, but I LOVED it none the less! What better way to get their father to talk with Anna about what is going on with the two of them, and if there is ANY hope of marriage!
jtbwriter chapter 25 . 2/4/2010
You made me teary here-Kai's daughters are so brave, and so right in wanting some say in their lives. But the journey the 2 girls made was amazing...and I'm glad Kristina is so welcoming to them-maybe she won't have to put her two-cents worth in? Thanks for a very revealing update-more please?:)
PDXWiz chapter 24 . 1/24/2010
Ohh. Acceptance is a great chapter title. It can be a lot of things: accepting the Liljefors, Kai and Gudrun accepting the onerous duty of dealing with the press, Roald accepting fatherhood ...

Fate has lots of good reasons for intertwining the Liljefors and the Karlsens to the Enstads for the future of Lilla Jordsö-even if you and we don't know yet.

Yes, Roald must accept fatherhood and how his young bride impetuously told everyone before telling him privately. Meh, it's her way. He's a good kid, he'll deal with it.

I'm glad Esbjörn can reread his old childhood favorites. That is so awesome... I'm sure he is taking NOTHING for granted now. Heck, sometimes he is probably sure he is dreaming...

Good observation! Typing on a keyboard is a great white-noise sound.

That was an excellent conversation between Roald and Esbjörn. He's right, it is great how his parents so easily reconnected with each other after decades of absence (soapish plot or not) because they are so right for each other.

And it is also awesome how relatively easily Roald is accepting of his father's return, a man he didn't know. This heart-to-heart, man-to-man talk is unusual in your writings because largely we have only seen Carl Johan as the one man who had a great relationship with his sons, other than Lukas (despite the issues I have with Ulf, they have a fairly good relationship), because most of your lead characters are female or have no relationships with their fathers now (Christian, Leslie's adopted father). (Interesting though that we did see a hint that Christian's relationship with Lukas was similar to his father-in-law's relationship with his grandfather.) Not really in Errico's family, because of their peculiarly royal attitudes, or in the LiSciola family (else Count Olaf would have turned out a much better individual).

Cool use of 'wag more, bark less'. Great phrase.

I'm really glad Roald felt comfy enough with his dad to talk to him like a real dad.

YES! YOU MUST TELL THE WORLD! Tell how the Söderdahl family saved Lilla Jordsö! I am quite certain King Lukas would approve of telling the tale now.

Cool-a Liselotta appearance! This should be neat.

Good. I really think that the martial arts training has made for excellent bonds, both ways, between teacher and student, father and son.

Yes...heheh. The Liljefors have complicated family ties. I suspect that in the past the women might have had to trick men into impregnating them, to continue the clan. It's very interesting to note that usually the pregnancies result in female babies; Prince Matti is a huge difference-but I think that has to do with the specialness of the Ormskagg and Enstad families...and maybe to do with visiting a certain South Pacific island-didn't Gerhard and Liselotta get married there? Hmm... Can't remember, help!

Oh, cool! Katja is still alive! She can be honored, as well as her mother, by a public ceremony coinciding with the release of the book. Oh what a wonderful turn of events you've discovered! :)

YES! Another way of Leslie ultimately helping out the Liljefors by coming into their lives, it is all so wonderful!

Leading mothers... hey, that is a great concept! It's obviously a variation on clan elders. I hope that when she meets with them, that they will agree to let her publish their story (and have a formal public ceremony announcing the awarding of the country's highest honor). I think it highly probable that they will meet with her, at least, because the Enstads are increasingly supportive of their family.

Oh, neat, maybe Liselotta will be able to help. Obviously, not to use the powers on Kai! LOL.. he'd never forgive them, including his fiancee. But...maybe she could talk to him, at least, and let him know what it is really like to have the public prejudiced against you. Her family experiences are far worse than Christian's or Kai's, so he could use an extra viewpoint. But of course, he will still have to make up his mind.

CRAP DOODLES! Who told? Did he dump her behind her back? Or are there enemies spreading dissension, who are jealous of his and Anna-Kristina's usual happiness?

Neat talk about pregnancies, the book, the diaries, and Liselotta's family.

Yeah. Unfortunately, Magga rarely confides in anyone about anything, even Christian. Poor gal has tended to keep it all inside. Which is why I'm annoyed at Gudrun, though I understand her problem, because Magga was able to talk to Gudrun.

YAY! An Anders scene! I love it when you bring in the littlest members of my favorite family, whether it is him or the trips.

YES! Anna-Laura is going to be a confidant to Magga! Woohoo!

That's right...many people in the family have been forward-thinking.

OMG! She's crying...poor Magga. Anna-Laura, you've really been helpful to her, on many levels. Maybe...maybe she will come out...

Susanna would have been a great comfort to Magga in her struggles to come out, that's for certain.

Another excellent chapter. I can't wait for the next one!

PDXWiz chapter 23 . 1/24/2010
Wonderful, family time :) I'm glad that Adriana has taken so well to Lisi. It will give her practice by the time that Roald is ready to have children with her.

Good discussion and dialogue about Kai and Anna-Kristina. I really hope Kai can relax and deal with it. I suspect his problems are due in part to his bad marriage with the girls' mother; it seems (and I can be wrong about this) that she was critical and questioning, but maybe I am simply misremembering the few snatches of conversation we've had about her; understandably, he would be reticent to talk bad about her in the girls' presence, even to those he was getting close to, like Louisa or Anna-Kristina. He also might have been stunned in part by realizing he would probably move in to the castle and Louisa (whom he undoubtedly still has some feelings for) would also be in residence there. But I'm sure it's largely a matter of getting used to the press. Christian hates dealing with the press, but he is used to it. (Actually, he probably is somewhat comfortable with Myeko because of her friendship with Leslie, but that's only relative to the rest of the world's press corps. Good thing he doesn't live in France, Italy, Britain, Arcolos, Japan, or the United States where I believe it is much worse...wonder how Tattoo and Solange dealt with the press, or Errico and Michiko?)

It is so cool that Esbjörn and Roald have been able to bond and get close through the latter's martial arts!

Omigosh! YES! Baby time for our lovely Adriana and Roald! Wahoo!

Wonderful...Adriana has developed a sense of closeness to her mother-in-law. Not unlike what Susanna did with Julia...

That's right. Prepare for the worst, whether it is war or a bad winter.

Excellent! The Altmark incident would have certainly been front page news and a main discussion topic in Lilla Jordsö for some time to come.

Madame is right. Sire would have to watch what he says; Lilla Jordsö would be an excellent launching point for an invasion of Britain; even though France is just across the Channel, that is just what would be expected, and they could get caught off-guard, even with a diversionary attack; it would take time to shift troops from the Channel to repel an invasion along the coast, perhaps in Newcastle? Harold had to deal with a Danish invasion, then turn around and face William and the Normans; and in 1944, diversionary tactics around Calais made Hitler think the main D-Day invasion was there and not at Normandy, causing substantial delay in responding to the main invasion.

The war is really hitting home nicely. I hadn't heard about the man killed by the Luftwaffe in Orkney. (On Orkney?) Yes, the grow your own policy was smart; I'm sure they expect trade to dry up any day now...

Wow, even Ulf is affected by the war. Fascinated by the war to a degree that surprises me. Perhaps there was somewhat of a strategic mind in him, which would explain his interest in the oil plans of Viklund, and subsequent shutting up after Esbjörn's 'assassination'.

Yeah...much as Britain was alone from the Fall of France until Pearl Harbor (in Western Europe, anyway, since after June Russia was fighting as well), so Lilla Jordsö is alone among the Scandinavians with Denmark and Norway and Finland occupied, Sweden in bed with Germany, and Greenland and Iceland still Danish territories...

Great! Julia and Susanna are contributing in a small but wonderful way. I'm sure many were grateful for their efforts. Sometimes it can be good to have common origins...

At least the Norwegians are still fighting...

Wow! That was a great idea. The people would want to change their names, and their son's names, from Vidkun to avoid any unpleasant associations. I wonder if that happened in real life, in Europe and North America; I have never seen or heard of that name except for Quisling.

Wow again! He actually was going to leave LJ alone? Amazing... I really don't think there are that many people in the country today-or in 1940-who believed in that superiority crap. Perhaps Old Man Viklund and Ingela...

That's suspicious of what Hitler said... He said many things, yet turned around and did something completely the opposite of that. Like attacking Russia after having signed a treaty with the USSR... Perhaps he has a fifth column program underway? is true. Kai does have some work projects that need his attention; the girls need to focus on school. And the disruption of his quiet, orderly life has really shaken him up. He needs time, and then he'll realize his error. Unless you've decided to remove him, of course.

Ah...light bulb goes on! The chapter title At War can also refer to what is going on between Anna-Kristina and Kai, a metaphorical war for Kai's heart. Very interesting...

Omigosh! Magga popped the question...and was turned down? Oh no, I really hoped it was going to work out! Argh! I liked them both!

Crap doodles! Both princesses are having romantic issues all because of that damned spotlight on them! Crud crud crud!

YES! That's it-focus on family, and charities. Give Kai and Gudrun time to decide what they want. If they really love our princesses the way I believe they do, they will learn how to deal with it. And to make it easier, they could all emigrate to the nice place where Leslie and Christian live...heheh.

Great idea! A cat, or kitten, for Natalia, and more publicity for animal shelters. That is also a wonderful piece of normalcy that both Kai and Gudrun should appreciate. Oh! And it occurs to me that while the girls might have a few problems with their classmates, if they don't see Natalia and Anna-Kristina for awhile-except in the news for adopting cats and such-they will start asking uncomfortable questions of Kai, forcing him to look deep into himself, about his real feelings for our kattersprinsessan. Meanwhile, Gudrun will face pressure from her brothers. On the other hand, she will see a lot less of Louisa (especially with her living in the castle and being preggers and such). The other two people in Gudrun's circle that we were introduced to (sorry, I've forgotten their names, but it was a foursome of friends with them, Gudrun, and Louisa from the charity they worked all at) will be the only ones she spends time with-and they will also work on her, wondering why she doesn't spend time with her best friend Magga... and at some point, it will dawn on them if it hasn't that Magga and Gudrun were really a couple... and Gudrun might be avoiding her because of the media fair (much bigger than a media circus!) surrounding Esbjörn's return from the dead...

This really is a great idea. It's a big step forward for both of our girls: Magga to come up with such a plan so she can live openly with Gudrun, and Anna-Kristina to accept it (because a younger, more immature version of her would have fled to the South Pacific and hide behind Christian and Leslie).

Yeah, I agree. By only trading with officially neutral nations, they have the best chance of surviving this pan-galactic mess alive and intact.

Very cool! Allowing Jewish refugees is huge, and quite risky if Germany found out... Of course, the plan might be to let Lilla Jordsö harbor them and then, after the defeat of Britain, to punish them by wiping them completely off the map...

Nice of Lukas to allow the ambassador's family to return home. He absolutely had to think hard about this because it could be viewed as a provocative act against Germany.

What a great meal they had with the Söderdahl family! And how sweet of Susanna to notice the lieutenants and let them have a chance to eat...

Omigosh! Yes, I suspected he really had plans...but how did they persuade him differently..?

Oh ho! That's how they did it! Kind of like the cute little girl crying/singing/sending a letter of Blue Christmas to Santa in The Year Without A Santa Claus...


Oops...sorry for the loud and excited screams...

You know, of course, if Hitler had known...he would have invaded the little earth island to get their powers, with all of his supernatural obsessions (witness the Indiana Jones films to see valid representations of his desires, which has been multiplied a thousand times by movies, tv, comics, and books, but based on his real behavior!).

And clearly, she passed on her awe and tolerance of the Liljefors to Christian (and Carl Johan, and Anna-Laura of course). Wish I could see Christian's reaction when he reads that part of her diaries... WOW!

Incredible chapter. Highly excellent, very well done. Great entangling, untangling, and retangling of all of your story threads, including the surprise Liljefors connection. The Liljefors clan has a truly rich set of stories to be written... HEY! I wonder if the ambassador's wife is a sister to the frnd of Leslie's mormor? Anyway, I can't wait to see more stories of the clan! Only safe in Lilla Jordsö or a certain South Pacific island...

Harry2.0 chapter 24 . 1/23/2010
Well, thing were definetly moving along at a interesting clip in this chapter! I love the idea of going to the senior mothers of the family in question, to see if they will agree to let word be sent out to the nation to acknowledge what the family did to help the nation out in WWII. That would be something I would be well in favor of!

As far as the relations in the family, I think that Margareta should take it slow on that front. Reestablish the freindship with Greta, and slowly, VERY slowly, work her into thinking about wedding her. Margareta should also consider telling the nation that she is a lesbian. There may be those that are ashamed of it, but I have a hunch most of the younger people of the nation will not raise a stink about it.
jtbwriter chapter 24 . 1/22/2010
This was so good-I love that both Anna-Laura and Estbjorn were sounding boards for their family. It is horrible that Kai would treat poor Anna-Kristina that way-but at least Roald and Adriana have a chance to patch things up. Thanks for the promise of more diaries-now what?:)
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