Reviews for Tell Me Why
moongazer7 chapter 1 . 12/19/2008
Hello Broken Winged Bird

Very good questions! I love them. I asked them of this gentleman myself. I think you will like my answers. I recommend that you look in to philosophy as I think you will enjoy it. It will benefit you as you will find most of these answers in there.

“Tell me why everybody wants to be happy, and yet everybody always fights.”

People are fighting for their happiness, because they want to be important. However people can’t figure out that there is actually a way to make both parties happy. So, they do the thing they know best to do, which is bickering like children. However, a really truly happy and good gain benefits both parties.

“Tell me why people fight to show that hatred and fighting is wrong.”

Because they don’t know any better.

They have to fight, because they can’t use logic and think of a better solution. They can’t have any other means of demonstrating peace.

“Tell me why one person can change the world in such a good way while many people spiral it into darkness.”

Ah, because most people of this world act likewise to one another, and that’s called conformity. They are average and mediocre. They either don’t try to get information exclusively or don’t go about it right. The few who dream big and know how to sett goals and prepare and lives in the future are the successful, which most of the population refuses to do. They find it hard and give up, leaving it to others. So, they make dumb excuses.

“Tell me why a one person can feel so alone standing among so many others.”

The others are missing the true meaning to life and are carefree, while the one or the few in this world carries the world on their shoulders. They don’t care, and laugh at this persons intellectual quality. They don’t like this person. They are different.

“Tell me why so many people can make one person feel unwanted while one person can bring together a community.”

These people don’t know how to communicate with people who are different. It’s unfortunate., the one person is sincere and knows how to go about being a sincere friend and brings about a group of lovely people. They know how to influence people’s thoughts.

“Tell me why a world so big can seem so small in day to day life.”

Not quite sure on that one. I’ll try to find the answer.

“Tell me why I love but am not loved in return.”

That’s because you both have different values. His person matches your values, but his values don’t match your person.

“Tell me why I feel so alone under the night sky, surrounded by a universe of so many others alone like me.”

Because your type of person is rare, and so are mine, but I believe we have very common dreams or in my case desires.

deletethisaccountplease9 chapter 1 . 9/22/2008

-we all want happiness, but cant stand seeing someone else get it

-to prove a point. We all want to be right

-because the self in itself is pure, but add a tinge of society and everything goes to hell

-because we are alone. There is no one else like us, even if there are many who might be similar

-because we desire acceptance, and all it takes is a person who can accept everyone

-we are small, actually. The truth is that a single life probably wont make a difference, but we live so that we may defy that truth, and become something great; that is life's purpose

-because life is not fair, nor is it a fairy tale :(

-you feel alone because we cant accept that so many others are lonely

-i'm doing this to try and share what I believe and what i've learned with someone who has the same questions I did ;)