Reviews for the land of Am
Lost in A World of Pain chapter 1 . 9/24/2008
This is a very interesting poem. Interesting in the literal sense and not hypothetical where one would use the word 'interesting' as a substitute for the over used word 'nice.' The poem takes on a darker aspect that is not expected yet at the same time completely true. Some might think that it hints of cynism, but I believe it smacks of realism which optimists would fail to see or choose not to see. Alright, so, now to the deeper things. Forgive me if I offend in any way. The idea derived from the point of the reader is that the person in question speaking in the poem, or making observations is looking at the world percieved in a moment of time. The idea that is being conveyed strikes home to the reader as most should be able to relate to the 'speaker' or 'statesman' in the poem.

Certain words such as nothingness, silent static and survive stand out immediately and I feel that you have touched on emotions or feelings that many today can easily relate to. As one reads it may be a little straight forward but the end of the poem is a perfect crescendo. The reader is brought to a climax and the final line is the best line of the poem for me. I Just Am. I sat in stunned silence and applauded this piece of literary work. This is definately going on to my favourite story list. Great work and keep it up! You have true talent.


Lost in A World of Pain