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charmedblush chapter 30 . 1/3/2013
Or maybe, because you continued (Yay) I'll just continue with my review using Chapter 30.

Still Chapter 29:
22) Heyyyy. What. Is. Happening.
24) It electrified me too.
25) Whaaa... why? Nawww. They're cute, they joke.
26) Did she really? How funny. But yeah, she kind of does love Ocean. The whole fulcrum of the story really.
28) Oh no... Scott knew and didn't tell. Goodness, how you love to torture Terra ;)

Oh Uni! How lovely, I hope it's going well. No, I totally get why you would be swamped. It's okay, I don't really mind - I just tease. I hope that you find this live reviewing quite fun. It went very cartoonish, monosyllabic and - frankly - a little garbled.

Now... for Chapter 30. (Dun dun dun)

1) Cool. Clarified the relationship. Monroe Scott's dad. I was right. Teehee.
2) ADULTERERS! I love it.
3) It's a bit like a Spanish telenovela!
4) Please don't let him be her brother... That would be weird. And very Star Wars.
4) Newwwww! What is this mysterious everything?
5) What on earth is going on? I confuzzled.
6) Is she going to take some pills? I feel that a girl in her state right now , may just totally go off her rocker - suicidal crazy. Poor girl.
7) I really want her to stay on the pavement. How funny would that be? Do you think any one can actually roast on a pavement? (Okay, that's a really weird thought, but I've only had 5 hours sleep)
8) AHA! I was right! No Terra!
9) How does she know he's a redhead?
11) OCEAN!
*my heart will go ooooooon* (Oh my gosh, that's funny because he's an 'Ocean')
12) Oh my gosh. I'm panting slightly. Yay, Ocean I love is back. Go him. Heavy breathing from me.
13) 'If you'd died, I'd have a reason' Oh. My. Word.
15) On a sidenote: Yay, he didn't tell Rose. OH MY GOSH. ROSE - Titanic! Where's the Jack? Also - do you like Titanic, or hate it, or something? I'm seeing many subconscious themes...
16) What news? What news?
18) I mean, I already didn't like him when I thought he'd committed suicide. (I don't know if that was part of the story, or just conjecture I developed)
19) Hmmm. I can see with live reviewing that sometimes I am right and sometimes I must eat my words.
20) Awwww. I feel bad for her mum now. Honesty is the best policy.

Well, yes I have just finished off the story. Currently touring the UK, and heading to Paris soon. It's quite difficult to find
a) power sources
b) internet
PS. Yussss awesome Ocean is back.
Sparklingjewel12 chapter 30 . 1/3/2013
Well that sort of ruins a lot of things. But on the bright side, he finally admitted that he loves her! Yay!
isabelleflorendo chapter 30 . 1/3/2013
That was a sad chapter. I felt bad for Terra :( Ocean was so sweet though :) Update soon!
believe1nbeauty chapter 30 . 1/3/2013
Ah! Sorry about that! In one of my stories, I have a redhead who's Courtney and I mixed the two up -.-' But yeah lol I meant Terra!
And thanks for emphasizing who Mr Monroe is :P
And whoa, this is a lot to take in for Terra! And I loved how you wrote this chapter! The descriptions were really good! :)
I feel so bad for Terra's mom! She's probably really heartbroken now over Terra :'( And Ocean! I'm so relieved that he wasn't the one to blabber away someone else's secrets! I never liked Rose but she must be desperate about Ocean; when a girl's mad about a guy they'd do anything in their power to keep them :/ But that's still no excuse for Rose to do that!
Loved this chapter! So glad you updated quickly! :)
iCY chapter 30 . 1/3/2013
Dang it so close! xD
I went for the near obvious. I should have looked at it more but hey it was fun heh :)
Wow. I feel like this is ending soon for some reason :O
Awesome chapter. Revelations secrets are out. Can't wait for the mother daughter reconciliation if that is even the fitting word heh. Thanks again. Keep it up

Shadowkiller176 chapter 29 . 12/30/2012
mylittlePRINCESS chapter 29 . 12/30/2012
update soon:)
Cookie chapter 29 . 12/30/2012
Well if it wasn't obvious before it's obvious now. Terra is so madly in love with Ocean. But there needs to be a major heart to heart if he ever wants her to forgive him and trust him again. Poor Scott! Victim of a one-sided love. How sad. I feel for him.

So... Terra's mom is hooking up with Scott's dad? Ew. But as long as it's not Ocean's dad, whatevs. Haha.

Yay thanks for updating! Update soon! I 3 your fic soooooo much.
Sparklingjewel12 chapter 29 . 12/29/2012
Your story is very good and I like it a LOT! Aren't the next few chapters the last? Which is sad because I love the story but good because we all want a happy ending, lol
sappyromancelvr chapter 29 . 12/29/2012
oh dear, i think i'll have to go back and read this all over again. I don't remember what happened in the previous chapters anymore...! Anyway, thanks for updating!
leavemeialone chapter 29 . 12/29/2012
Wow! This story is so amazing! Your story made me stay up really really late to finish it . . . and well it was worth it. There is so many emotions with between every character. I love that! When I read it, I feel it too. There are so many instances that get me so made between Ocean and Terra. Man, they have so much anger. Yet . . . there are moments when they are so sweet to each other. Those moments make it so much worth it. Why are they both idiots? ? ? I love Moses, he is always so perverted . . . you can sure count on him with breaking the ice. But he is actually such a sweetie that cares about his friends. I like Scott. . . I feel terrible with how she'll never like him that way. He seems like such a good guy. But at the end of the chapter, I don't know. I have been very curious in the beginning with how Scott knew her . . . recognized her . . . how they first met. I hope that I will get some answers! I am seriously so glad that I have found this story. It is amazing! I do hope that Ocean and Terra will get there happy ending!
Guest chapter 29 . 12/29/2012
UpdaaaAAAAAaaaated! Thankyou :) more more!
believe1nbeauty chapter 29 . 12/29/2012
Wow... Scott and Terra had a moment... He likes her... Her mother is with Mr Monroe... Don't all these cruel twists hurt your brain!? But wow! Courtney's feelings were almost tangible in this chapter! Your descriptions are superb!
But I wanna see her happy / And yeah I know, life isn't always necessarily happy but this is a story! Some happiness would be appreciated! Especially for someone who's gone through so much! This is so heartbreaking! And I was listening to Taylor Swift while I was reading this. Perfect timing! _
Oh and I forgot who Mr Monroe is so excuse me while I go figure out who that is :P
iCY the Polar Kid chapter 29 . 12/28/2012
Ahkdla holy sheep! Did her mom cheat on her dad with Mr. Monroe?! Is that why he killed himself?! Either that or I am overdramatizing the situation o.o
Oh dang maybe that's why? My dumb guess is that her mom cheat on her dad with Mr. Monroe. He killed himself... And the reason why Rose and Scott know about her dad?
If not that then maybe her mom just started a relationship with Monroe there and Scott knew but was withholding the info from Terra?
I wonder what her true motive was for going on that unexpected trip to "London"
Damn I hope she and Ocean make up.. And man is that going to put a strain on their friendship, Scott and her... Now she is going to feel like her world is just falling apart :/
Read this all in one go xD can't wait for more
and Ocean is one confusing dude man -.-
Love it. Thanks :D

charmedblush chapter 29 . 12/28/2012
Hola Chica! Where have you been? Oh well, I hope you were having a good time. Merry Christmas!

Well, after the reread... Here we go; me being crazy again. Actually live reviewing this so I don't miss anything.

1) Yes! Anger! ANGER!
2) what? No more anger? I didn't see much in the last chapter :( , she just seemed hurt. Again
3) oo, upon the reread... I do think Mercedes overreacted a bit. Yes she was lied to, but I hope she has time to process what the truth actually is. We lost her dad for goodness' sake
4) "Could it be that it'd only been ten minutes?" NO! BECAUSE IF SO, THAT WAS A HUGELY LONG TEN MINUTES. (Sorry babe, love you! I kid, I kid. Just had to skip that in there)
5) I love Scott. I seriously do. He is just too perfect. Team Scott!
6) no, no awkward Scott silences :'(((((
7) ooo! She gon' get drunked up! ( autocorrect totally just changed that to debunked)
8) Newwwwww! Scottttt! Don't leeeeaaaaave him.
9) okay. May I just say, he would be perfect to be in a relationship with. However, I ship him so much because he ISN'T in this story. My heart is too sore from love triangles. I love him as her friend/fake boyfriend
10) speaking of, when is his promotion to best friend status? Hmm?
11) ha ha ha ha. Good strip line
12) no what is going on? Terra leave Scott alone! He is my beautiful.
13) oh. Right. Scott you wicked genius, I love you! (Forgive me, a Scott-centric review, for a pretty scotched up chapter. Haha I like that. Scotched. Hey - a drunk Terra phrase!) sadly this chapter with the drinking has already occurred, and this moment of genius has been lost to the cruelty of time. XD
14) wait, Terra no likey?
15) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
16) you should see my face right now. Every orifice is like this: 0
17) even my ears
18) Don't forget what I said earlier, but: ooh I like it :DDDDDD
19) thank you Scott! NONE OF IT HAS BEEN HER FAULT. Even though she may be annoying me just a little. Holiday perspective , I suppose.
20) ahahaha! I would write fan fiction about that night at the motel. Bahaha
21) oh crap, 5% power left. Will finish chapter and review later. Okay you're gonna get a review of a random chapter from me xxx
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